Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Video: Some Favorite Shades from Darling Girl Cosmetics

My video featuring a handful of my favorite and most-used eyeshadow colors from Darling Girl Cosmetics.

Disclaimer! Some of these shades may be discontinued since the filming of this video; the site was down when I made this post so I couldn't check to make sure everything is still available. If there's something you love that is no longer available, I'm sure you can find something similar in the Darling Girl shop.

Now on to the pretties!

The Invisible Man:
The Invisible Man on inner part of lids.
The Invisible Man (middle) over different bases.

The Invisible Man at the bottom of the picture. Also Making Merry in the center.

Making Merry swatch
The Invisible Man on inner part of lids. Making Merry on outer lids.

Blog posts for The Invisible Man and Making Merry here, here, here, and here.

Taystee Girl:
Taystee Girl on lid; you can see the subtle pink sheen.
Blog posts for Taystee Girl here and here.

Mystique over glitter glue.
That pink shift!!!
Mystique on eyelids and sides of forehead.
Mystique on inner part of lid.
Blog posts for Mystique here, here, and here.

Lucky (middle) over different bases.
Lucky (far right)
Lucky over a black base along lashline, and over glitter glue on brow bone.
Lucky over black base on outer corner/crease, over glitter glue on browbone and inner corner highlight, and on cheekbone as highlight.
Lucky on lid over glitter glue.
Lucky as inner corner highlight.
 Blog posts about Lucky here, here, here, here, here, and here.

 Faux Pas:
Faux Pas on right.
Faux Pas on lid over glitter glue.
 Sadly I don't have any blog posts for this color... gotta fix that soon!

(In the video I say April Showers but it's actually called April Love; my jar was labeled wrong. Oops!
April Love:
April Love on outer half of lid.
Aprl Love and Forget Me Nots.
 Blog posts for April Love and Forget Me Nots here, here, and here.

Swag swatched over glitter glue.
Swag on lid over glitter glue.
Swag on lid over glitter glue.
 Blog posts about Swag here, here, and here.

Persuasion over glitter glue.
Persuasion on lid over glitter glue.
Persuasion on lids over glitter glue.
 Blog posts for Persuasion here and here.

 Poolside Party:
Poolside Party over glitter glue.
Poolside Party on lower lashline over glitter glue.
Blog posts for Poolside Party here.

There we go! Man, this blog post took me all evening to gather all the pics and links >.<
Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!<3 p="">

**Disclaimer: I'm no longer affiliated with Darling Girl Cosmetics. I simply chose to make this video to show off some of my large collection. Purely for fun, I'm not getting anything out of this at all. Just enjoy the sparkles :)**

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