Friday, March 6, 2015

Blue Sunday LOTD

 This is a look I did for fun while hanging around at home. I'd actually started getting ready for church but service got canceled because of bad weather, so I decided to finish my makeup anyway and did a blue and turquoise cat eye because I could :P

 See below for pics and details:
Click me!
Click me!
-Belleme BB Cream in Ivory and Nude Beige mixed
-Boots No7 Radiant Glow concealer (Shade I)
-Wet n Wild Coverall Powder (lightest shade)
- Darling Girl Cosmetics blushes in Koalification* (contour) and Neon Trees (color)
 -Venus eyeshadow from Naked Basics palette as highlight
-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper* primer
-BFTE Cosmetics Peacock on lid (brilliant turquoise with shift)
-BFTE Cosmetics Patriot on outer corner (matte navy blue)
-W.O.S (Naked Basics palette) to blend out edges
-Matt Patel (Meet Matte palette) in crease
-Venus (Naked Basics palette) as highlight
 -Crave (Naked Basics palette) on brows
-Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadows in Adoration (browbone) and Tin Man (tearduct)
-Wet n Wild creme liner in Black (tightline)
-Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara

 -BFTE Cosmetics eyeshadow in Bubbly
-Bare Minerals gloss in Hypnotist*

I used tape to make a crisp line for the outer wing and just blended the shadows out for a soft look. I really liked how it turned out :)
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Look: Space Age

 Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I posted. I've been very active on Instagram though so if you want to check me out there please do! I'm @makeupfancy

Now on to my look: I call it Space Age because it looks kind of futuristic/scifi/spacey to me. I knew I wanted to do blue lips because I've been seeing tons of them on Instagram; everyone is posting pics of the NYX Wicked lipsticks so I thought I'd try and create my own. Scroll down for more pics and products used, and don't forget to click to see the pics in fuller detail :)


-Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation and powder in lightest shades
- Darling Girl Cosmetics blushes in Koalification* (contour) and Neon Trees (color)
 -Venus eyeshadow from Naked Basics palette as highlight
-Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow in Tako (white) on tops of cheeks
-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper* primer
- Milani Shadow Eyez pencil in Almond Cream as base
Urban Decay Naked Basics palette:
-Crave on lids and smoked out
-Faint to blend out Crave in crease
-Naked2 to blend out crease
-W.O.S to blend out edges
-Venus as highlight
-Presto eyeshadow from theBalm Rockstar palette on outer corners
-Adoration eyeshadow (DGC) on browbone
-Jordana 12 HR Eyeshadow Pencil in Eternal White on inner corners
-neon yellow shadow from Sleek Acid palette on inner corners (over white pencil)
-Wet n Wild creme liner in Black
-Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil in Nude on waterline
-Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara
-Ardell Demi Wispies
-theBalm "Presto" eyeshadow and NYX powder blush in Taupe on brows
 -NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Black Berry (to line and fill lips)
 -Sugarpill pressed shadow in Velocity (almost matte royal blue) patted heavily all over lips
-BFTE Cosmetics eyeshadow in Blue Bird (low-shimmer cobalt blue)
-Darling Girl Cosmetics loose eyeshadow in Buddy Blue applied to middle of lips
-thick clear gloss from an indie company over top

After I took the above photos, I ate dinner which took off some of the blue, so I applied Portland Black Lipstick Company's lipstick in Indigo Bridge; it's a black base with a little bit of indigo sheen to it. I love how it looks:
 On my Instagram account you can also see a shot of me wearing this makeup, but I took off the blue lips and tried mixing grey with a nude shade to make my own pseudo version of Lime Crime's Cashmere Velvetene. :P

 I certainly enjoyed creating this look and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I love fun unusual makeup :D
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Swatches: "Darling Whos" collection (DGC)

Today I'm finally able to share pictures and swatches of this wonderful holiday collection from Darling Girl Cosmetics! It's the Darling Whos collection and each color is nicknamed for one of Susan's "Darling Girls". 
(Darling Girls are sort of like spokesmodels for DGC; we're just a group of makeup-loving ladies who share looks we create using DGC products. We also share swatches and tutorials. We don't get paid but we do get sent previews of new collections in order to share with everyone! We also get a small discount off orders from the DG shop, and each month we get a coupon code to use when we order so we can try new products, again, to share with you all!)
Please enjoy these swatches, and trust me when I say that pictures don't do them justice! If you scroll to the end, you'll find a handful of looks I've done using some of the colors, as well as a list with links to each of the Darling Girls' sites!

Click to enlarge!
Chelsie-Roo Who, Niecy Woo-Who, Tati-Too Who, Darling-Sue Who, Lefty-Loo Who, Aranza-Zazu Who, Sammi-Sue Who, Cupcake-Woo Who, Emma-Loo Who, Jaycee-Boo Who.
Swatched over Glitter Glue. From bottom to top:
Column #1: Chelsie-Roo Who, Niecy Woo-Who, Tati-Too Who. Column #2: Darling-Sue Who, Lefty-Loo Who, Aranza-Zazu Who, Sammi-Sue Who. Column #3: Cupcake-Woo Who, Emma-Loo Who, Jaycee-Boo Who.
 I did swatch them in the same order as the baggies, but forgot to rotate the photos.. but if you cock your head to the left, it's the same order. lol

Chelsie-Roo Who: a gorgeous mid-toned pinky purple with blue and green flashes! My pics don't show the shift but it is so gorgeous over Glitter Glue.
Niecy-Woo Who: a burgundy with flashes of violet, and gold sparkles. There's a look using this one at the end of the post!
Tati-Too Who: one of my favorites, a sparkly pink-toned copper. There's a look using this one at the end of the post!
Darling-Sue Who: cranberry pink with predominantly green shift. Love!
Lefty-Loo Who: mid-toned pine green with faint violet-pink shift and sparkle. A very unique color! Sadly it was impossible to photograph the shift :(
Aranza-Zazu Who: blackened antique golden-green; so much love for this color! It hits my sweet spot for greens dead on. Sigh♥
Sammi-Sue Who: matte royal purple base with copper and gold sparkle/shift. When used over Glitter Glue, the shimmer and shift take over. Such a unique and gorgeous color. There's a look for this one at the end of the post!
Cupcake-Woo Who: another favorite, a gorgeous brilliant royal peacock blue! It has aqua sparkles and ugh.
Emma-Loo Who: my color, because my sister sometimes calls me Emmaloo xD This color is beyond description but I'll try anyway; the site says it's an icey-pale mauve-lavender with delicate aqua and blue shimmer. In some lights it appears nothing more than a silvery white, but in other lighting you can see the pink tone more, as well as the sparkle. It's a really versatile highlight shade and I love it. I used it in a look at the end of the post!
Jaycee-Boo Who: Last but not least, yet another favorite of mine! Perfect golden taupe, another classic neutral! There's a look for this one at the end of the post!

Using Chelsie-Roo, Sammi-Sue, and Emma-Loo.
Jaycee-Boo on the lid, but not over Glitter Glue so it looks less gold than my swatch. An effortless daily neutral.
Tati-Too on lid; look at the sparkle!!
Niecy-Woo on outer hald of lid. (Inner half is There Is No Dana from the Who Ya Gonna Call collection.)

Here's the list of Darling Who colors and their human counterparts; please click the links to check out their social media sites! (Thanks to Sam of Kiss My Sparkle for the list!)

Aranza (Aranza-Zazu Who)
  - Facebook: A Touch Of Glamour
  - Blog: xtrememakeupaddict
  - Instagram: aranzaxo

Chelsie (Chelsie-Roo Who)
  - Blog: Makeup By Chelsie Nichole
  - Instagram: _chelsie_nichole_

Annelise (Cupcake-Woo Who)
  - Blog: Scarab's Creation
  - Instagram: mindxxxslaughter

Susan (Darling Sue Who)
  - Susan is the owner of Darling Girl Cosmetics

Emily (Emma-Loo Who) ~Me! ^__^
  - Blog: MakeupFancy
  - Facebook: MakeupFancy
  - Instagram: makeupfancy

Jeni (Jaycee-Boo Who)
  - Blog: Mrs. Kitty Kaboom
  - Facebook: Max Level Makeup
  - Instagram: kittykaboom

Sarah (Lefty-Loo Who)
  - Blog: Bonnie Lass Blog
  - Instagram: smeek7311

Denise (Niecey-Woo Who)
  - Blog: HarajukuGirlFL
  - Facebook: HarajukuGirlFLBeauty
  - Instagram: HarajukuGirlFL

Sam (Sammi-Sue Who)
  -  Blog: Kiss My Sparkle
Tattiana (Tati-Too Who)
  - Facebook: ttorresmakeupart
  - Instagram: ttorresmua

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Look and video: Neutral Purple Pop

 Hey everyone! Today I'm bringing you not only a blog post with a new look, but also a video tutorial! I was home alone for a day and decided to take the make the most of it and make a video, lol. I hope you like it!
The look I did is neutral-ish eyes with a pop of purple on lips and cheeks; the featured products are Ladyhawke duochrome eyeshadow and Purple Haze blush by Darling Girl Cosmetics, and MAC Violetta lipstick. Keep scrolling for pics, details, and the video!

Click the pics!
 The video is available in 1080 HD; I don't know how to make this thumbnail bigger so you can either watch in Fullscreen mode or click the Youtube link to open it in a new window :)
-Darling Girl About Face Velvet Gel Primer
-Wet n Wild Coverall foundation in lightest shade
-loose setting powder
-Darling Girl blushes in Koalification* (to contour) and Purple Haze
-Milani eyeshadow in Bella Ivory* to highlight
-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper*
-Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze on lids as base
-Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadow in Ladyhawke (light taupe with gold/blue/green shift on lids)
-Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadow in Kilt-y Pleasures (milk chocolate brown matte on outer/inner corners and crease)
-Wet n Wild "Walk the Red Carpet" palette (glittery gold shade patted on center of lid)
-Urban Decay Naked Basics palette W.O.S to blend out edges and Crave as liner
-theBalm eyeshadow in Matt Gallagher in crease
-Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadow in Adoration to highlight
-Milani Bella Ivory* as highlight
-Wet n Wild gel eyeliner in Black(tightline)
-Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara
-Princess lashes* from Born Pretty Store
-theBalm eyeshadow in Presto and Urban Decay eyeshadow in Naked2 on brows
-Sonia Kashuk concealer quad
-MAC Violetta lipstick sample from The Body Needs
-Maybelline limited edition lipgloss in Mirrored Plum

I really hate the false lashes but I used them because I have a whole box of them and I don't want them to go to waste, lol. Other than that, I like how this turned out. The duo/shimmer in Ladyhawke shows up mostly goldish because I didn't use it over Glitter Glue, and because I used gold glittery shadow over top; in person the green and blue shift was more visible. It's a really pretty eyeshadow, a taupe with a twist! ;)
I love Purple Haze blush! If you're looking for a wearable purple blush you should give it a try; it is red/pink-toned so it's still wearable, but use a very light hand and blend it well because this blush is super pigmented. I love it and I'm so glad I got to use it for this look.
If you watch my video, please leave a comment here or on Youtube and let me know what you think! I'm still new at this, lol.

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