Friday, September 19, 2014

Preview: SugarSkullMinerals "Bejeweled Collection"

 Hey guys! Sorry for my silence but since the weather is suddenly turning very Fall-like, I had horrible allergies all week which decided to manifest in an itchy rash all over my body. Not the first time it's happened but I think this time it may have been partly due to a drug reaction... an ALLERGY drug, ironically, lol.
ANYWAY I'm happy to be back and bringing you swatches of such a great collection: This is the Bejeweled Collection from Sugar Skull Minerals. Check out my swatches and if you like what you see, you can preorder the collection (with free shipping) until Sept. 26th, and the collection will be officially released Oct. 3rd!

Now, on to the jewels:

Swatched with my fingers over Milani's Almond Cream shadow pencil:
Direct sunlight, left to right: Citrine, Chocolate Pearl, Verdelite, Sky Sapphire, Amethyst, Garnet.

Natural light, left to right: Citrine, Chocolate Pearl, Verdelite, Sky Sapphire, Amethyst, Garnet.

 This collection contains 6 eyeshadows:
(Left side direct sun, right side natural light)
 "Citrine - (vegan) A rich goldenrod."

 "Chocolate Pearl - Light chocolate/tan with multi-colored reflects.
****Contains Carmine****"

 "Verdelite - (vegan) A light, shiny emerald green. Applies more sheer than the other colors in collection."

 "Star Sapphire - (vegan) Royal blue"

 "Amethyst - Dark amethyst purple.
****Contains Carmine****"

 "Garnet - Deep dark red.
****Contains Carmine****"

With flash, left to right: Citrine, Chocolate Pearl, Verdelite, Sky Sapphire, Amethyst, Garnet.
All shadows are smooth, dense, and pigmented. I swatched them over the Milani pencil because I thought they would spread better than over a super sticky base like Glitter Glue. 
To me this collection feels very sophisticated; the colors are sultry and rich without being super dark or vampy. I do enjoy a nice blackened eyeshadow but they're not always wearable, at least for me. Sometimes I want a color that's deep and vibrant, without looking SUPER dark or, well, black. I like that these shades are smokey without being burnt, if that makes sense. ;)

I really like all the colors but if I had to choose absolute favorites, I'd pick Verdelite, Sky Sapphire, and Garnet. Such gorgeous jewel-toned shades will be so perfect for Fall and the coming holiday season!
The Bejeweled Collection is available for preorder now through the 26th with free shipping; the collection officially releases on October 3rd.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

EotD: Darling Girl Simple Neutral

 This is an eye look using mostly all Darling Girl Cosmetics; I wanted to use The Swirl from The Black Collection which will be released later this month.
To me, this color is like Jeweled Taupe's slightly cooler and less sparkly sister. It's just slightly more silvery than JT and doesn't have the pink sparkles, yet it's still a neutral enough shade that I believe anyone can wear it; if it were too cool/gray I wouldn't be wearing it as those shades don't really appeal to me. Also, this color has blue sparkles in it, which you can sort of see in some of the photos. Sweet!

Please read on for pics and details!

-Darling Girl Cosmetics "About Face" Velvet Gel Primer
-Belleme BB Cream in Ivory and Nude Beige
-Wet N' Wild Coverall Powder in lightest shade
-Urban Decay Naked Basics shades in Faint, Naked2, and Venus to contour/highlight cheekbones
-Darling Girl blush in Neon Trees

-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper*
-Milani Shadow Eyez eyeshadow pencil in Almond Cream all over lids as base
Darling Girl shadows in:
-The Swirl* on lids
-Naughty Bits on outer corners
-Between the Sheets to blend out Naughty Bits
-Hidden Garden to blend out all edges
-Adoration on browbone and inner corner
 -Slocked* on tearduct/browbone for extra highlight
-theBalm Meet Matte palette, Matt Gallagher in crease
-brown gel liner (tightline)
-UD Crave from Naked Basics to wing out liner
-Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara
Since I never have time to snap pics before running out the door, I took them as soon as I finished my eyes; I did add lipcolor though so I didn't actually look this dead, don't worry! ;)
I loved how this look turned out; the combination of the metallic neutral with the berry-toned mattes was so pretty! I had wanted my makeup to be more Summery as a last hurrah since we're getting ready to head into Fall, but the eyes ended up looking sort of Fall-y in my opinion, so I added some neutral lipstick with a pop of hot pink gloss to brighten things up.

The Swirl and Slocked are both from The Black Collection and they are so awesome, I love them. You can see swatches from my previous post here. Keep your eyes open for this collection later this month!

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

PIC HEAVY: DGC "The Black Collection" Swatches

 Here is my preview post for the second upcoming collection from Darling Girl Cosmetics! Once again it is quite pic heavy... I just can't limit myself to a few swatches when the colors are so pretty and complex. (I swear the colors change when I'm not looking!)
Anyway, this is The Black Collection inspired by the Netflix show OITNB. I don't watch the show so I don't understand the references, but I'm sure fans will get a kick out of them. As for me, this collection appeals to my girly side with it's sweet pink and neutral offerings. (Which is funny considering the show takes place in a women's correctional facility? haha) 
Please read on for lots of swatchy goodness!

Throwing Pie, Squat and Cough, The Swirl, Taystee Girl, Dandelion.
Throwing Pie, Squat and Cough, The Swirl.
Throwing Pie, Squat and Cough, The Swirl.
Squat and Cough, The Swirl, Taystee Girl.
The Swirl, Taystee Girl, Dandelion.
Taystee Girl, Dandelion.
Throwing Pie is a warm medium pink with strong gold shift. These pics tend to show the base more strongly than the shimmer/shift but this color is even prettier in person!
Squat and Cough is a light baby pink with light gold shift. Again, the camera didn't want to show the shift on this color. It also appears warmer than it is in person; in person I would describe it as "angelic". So pretty!
The Swirl is one of my faves in the collection; it's a gorgeous medium golden brown with just the right balance of warm and cool to make it wearable for anyone, I think. Beautiful satin/metallic finish, so gorgeous!
Taystee Girl is another favorite, a super pale blue, sort of periwinkle, almost leaning lavender, with strong pink shift. I love colors like this, can't wait to use it!
Dandelion is a cheerful bright yellow with pink sparkles. If it looks at all on the green side in my photos, ignore that. It's definitely yellow.

 Part 2:
Marzipan Nipples, Duct Tape Couture, Slocked, Pornstache, Tit Punch.
Marzipan Nipples, Duct Tape Couture, Slocked, Pornstache.
Duct Tape Couture, Slocked, Pornstache.
Slocked, Pornstache, Tit Punch.
Pornstache, Tit Punch.
I think these colors are more color accurate than the first photos.
Marzipan Nipples looks kind of chalky in the photos because the base is kinda matte, but in person it has plenty of pink shimmer and sparkles.
Soooo sparkly....
Slocked is one of my favorite shades of the bunch, an almost transparent base with pearly white shimmer and strong red/pink shift. I took tons of pics but this was the closest I could get to show the shift.

This collection also boasts two new Pixie Sprinkles glitter mixes:
Pennsatucky is an angelic mix of aqua, blue, silver, and I don't know what-all glitters.
Red is a sizzling mixture of red, pink, gold, and black glitters.

 Now some bonus swatches...
Throwing Pie
Squat and Cough (see the baby pink sparkles?)
The Swirl looks very champagne here. Also looks like baby blue sparkles? Sweet!
Taystee Girl reminds me of my favorite Spectral Shift, Mystique, but periwinkle rather than mint. It has that consistency though.
Marzipan Nipples; not sure Glitter Glue is best base for this one. I might try something else that plays better with the matte base.
Duct Tape Couture is a taupey medium gray base with pink/mauve shimmer and sparkles. Basically. xD
Slocked... still can't see much of the pink shift.. sigh
Tit Punch is SO. SPARKLY. This eyeshadow has enough sparkles to share with all her classmates and still have more than everyone.

I'll try to do a look early next week using some of these colors. My allergies have been worse than usual this week and I just didn't feel like doing makeup on runny, itchy eyes. :(
If you like what you see here then keep your eyes open for the release around the middle of this month! Also follow Darling Girl's Facebook page for updates!

Thanks for reading!♥

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