Monday, October 24, 2016

Video: Favorite Neutrals from Darling Girl Cosmetics

My video featuring a handful of my favorite and most-used neutral eyeshadows from Darling Girl Cosmetics.

Back in January (2016) I decided to film a few videos featuring some of my collection of Darling Girl eyeshadows; for this video, I chose a handful of neutral-ish eyeshadows and swatch them and talk about them a bit. I figured I have so many many eyeshadows, why not show them off? lol ;)
Below you can see photos pertaining to the colors in the video. Enjoy!

Disclaimer! Some of these shades may be discontinued since the filming of this video; the site was down when I made this post so I couldn't check to make sure everything is still available. If there's something you love that is no longer available, I'm sure you can find something similar in the Darling Girl shop.

Now on to the pretties!
I don't know why I don't have a swatch pic of Hot Rocks anywhere! But here it is over glitter glue on my lower lashline; see the wonderful pinky-red sheen? Gorgeous!!

Hot Rocks is in the crease, and Provoke was used to blend it up the browbone; I also dusted another color that has a similar iridescence over it all so some of the redish sheen is from that.

Provoke, second to left.

Ladyhawke, second to left. It looks kind of like a golden tan in these photos, maybe because I used flash, but on the swatch video it looks like it has an almost blueish sheen. It's a color-changer ;)
Ladyhawke all over eye.

Morbid Angel, third from right.

Morbid Angel on lids.

Morbid Angel; you can kind of see the pale greenish shimmers.

Another Morbid Angel look; I told you I used it a lot!

Copper Storm on lid.

Copper Storm on lids.

Sovereign, second to left, top row.

The Swirl; you can see some pale blue sparkles, gorgeoussss.
The Swirl.

The Swirl on lid; the blue sparkles even show on the eye!
The Tragic Death of Mr. Stay Puft

Between the Sheets, top left.

The Tragic Death of Mr. Stay Puft. LOOK AT THE SPARKLES!

Emma-loo Who used as accents to highlight this look.

Emma-Loo Who over Glitter Glue

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this video, it's always fun to see pretty sparkles right? :)

**Disclaimer: I'm no longer affiliated with Darling Girl Cosmetics. I simply chose to make this video to show off some of my large collection. Purely for fun, I'm not getting anything out of this at all. Just enjoy the sparkles :)**


  1. Ladyhawke is my most favorite eyeshadow ever! I am on my second jar. Do you know what that gorgeous green is on your lower lashline in the Copper Storm picture?

    1. It's Poolside Party, not sure if it's still available but yeah, I applied and blended so it was kind of sheer and the green iridescence took over :)
      You can see the details here:


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