Monday, February 24, 2014

Darling Girl Cosmetics swatches and EOTD

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Today I want to share swatches from my most recent Darling Girl Cosmetics order. I swatched all of these as soon as they came so they're not the cleanest but definitely show the colors well. They're all swatched with my fingers over Glitter Glue because I believe most DG shadows look best over Glitter Glue. These photos were taken in direct sun without flash, and you can click them to view the larger images.

O Rly?, Sovereign (GWP), Lonely Assassins, My Little Pony, F*Bomb, The Count, I Am Pain, Jeweled Taupe, Making Merry, Still At the Nerd Table, Razzles, Smarties, Double Bubble, The Boogeyman, The Invisible Man.
Site Descriptions:
 O RLY? - Medium silver grey with red glow and gold iridescence. This was my free baggie sample with the order and I love it! The red and gold shift gives it an overall impression of a neutral.

Sovereign - Satiny blackened red with gold iridescence. This was the GWP shade and it is very pretty. Maybe we will luck out and Susan will make it permanent someday? :)

Lonely Assassins - This was part of the Oh The Horror collection but I can't find it on the site; maybe Susan discontinued some shades, I'm not sure. 

My Little Pony - Pale, pastel lavender with green shift and aqua and pink iridescence, but hold it close to a light source and it takes on a coppery rose color. This is one I've wanted to try for ages so I finally ordered it. I never really loved colors with green shift so I wasn't sure how I'd like it, but when I saw it in person it's super sweet and very wearable. It was the first color from this order that I used, I wore it to church yesterday. I'll post the eye look at the end of this post.

F*Bomb - Blue-ish green base with strong golden sheen and sparkling iridescence that shifts from gold to blue. I love this color! Some of you know my affinity for green eye makeup; it's always been my "comfort color", aka the color I reach for when I want a quick easy look but don't want to worry about what color to wear, etc. Interestingly enough I get the most compliments when I'm wearing green eyeshadow or nail polish; I guess green loves me, too!

The Count - Royal purple with purple sheen and color shifting lavender iridescence. This is such a gorgeous sparkly blurple! In person it looked a tiny bit more purpley, I think since the shimmer was more visible.

I Am Pain - Pale icy blue with golden green to blue shift and glimmering green sparkles. I'm a sucker for iridescent icy blues, and this one is gorgeous. To me this one doesn't have as much shift as others I own, which for me is actually good when I want more of a straight-up light blue.

Jeweled Taupe - An amazing, metallic, bronzey taupe with multi-colored shimmer like tiny little jewels ribboned through it. This is probably DG's most popular and beloved eyeshadow; I've heard so much about it, I decided it was high time I tried it myself. I wasn't prepared for the metallic beauty of this shadow, can't wait to see it on my eyes!

Making Merry - A reddish-purple pearl. An accurate description; the blueish pearl really comes out over glitter glue, and in my swatch there even appeared to be some purple shimmer. So pretty!

Still at the Nerd Table - Deep eggplant with red iridescent undertones. A very rich eyeshadow; looking forward to trying it as an outer corner shade.

The Boogeyman - Sandy taupe with orange sheen and red sparkles. One of my faves of the bunch, the orange sheen is really visible over glitter glue; absolutely stunning!

The Invisible Man - Lavender with turquoise to violet shift. You may have seen this color on my blog before; I got a sample and had to get myself a jar because it's so pretty!!

"Spectral Shifts:  Spectral Shifts are silky, sheer, iridescent, multipurpose shades that can be used as eye shadow, face highlighters, or depending on your complexion, blush.  Don't let the colors fool you -- the shift makes them very wearable."
Razzles -  Dusty periwinkle with copper shift. Exactly that, very nice.
Smarties -  Sheer candy pink with green to gold shift. This color is super cute! It's just the right shade of pink and the green iridescence is very visible over glitter glue. My sister Becky loved this one as well.
Double Bubble -  Sheer bubble gum pink with copper shift. I love this too! Such a glowy shade, it'll be perfect for spring! I kinda wanna try it as a blush as well :)
I love the Spectral Shifts, they're so creamy and delicate.

My eye look yesterday using My Little Pony on the lid and BFTE's Belle of the Ball, a matte dusty purple on the outer lid. I didn't use Glitter Glue, just my primer and Milani Almond Cream pencil as a base. It looked quite pink, maybe because I didn't use the glitter glue. I love the green flashes.
Speaking of glitter glue, I need another tube soon, mine is almost gone! D:
I hope you enjoyed the swatches! Did you see anything you need? ;)

Thanks for reading!♥

*All products purchased by me, all opinions are my own. Links are for convenience purposes only, I am not being paid for this post.
 **Some or all images were lightly edited using Aperture and/or Photoshop; for details, please read the photo editing disclosure widget at the bottom of my right-side bar.


  1. Smarties is soo pretty! I'd buy an exta one to make into a nail polish! beautiful swatches x

  2. great swatches!! Some really lovely shades.

  3. Wow all those colours are so gorgeus! A really really great review <3


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