Monday, December 19, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Haul/Swatches, part 2!

 As promised, here's the (late) next part in my haul/swatch series from Darling Girl Cosmetics! (Click for parts 1 and 3!)
This installment will be the random eye products included in my order. There's a glitter, 2 eyeshadows, and a Spectral Shift which I've actually already used as an eyeshadow and LOVED. Keep scrolling...
First up we have Spectral Shift in "Mystique", a gorgeous light frosty aqua with PINK SHIFT! Spectral Shifts are actually highlighters which can also be used as eyeshadows or whathaveyou. I want a jar of this when my baggie runs out..

Swatched over Glitter Glue with my finger I think, so it's kinda thick lol. Can you see the pink sheen??

Same swatch but I tilted my hand so you can see the pink shift!
Next up is "Persuasion" which was the gift with purchase when I ordered on 11/11/11; GWP items are usually limited quantity but already several people are suggesting this color be made permanent.. it's made quite an impression!

Persuasion is a very complex color and I'm not sure I can describe it accurately but I'll try: to me it's a darkish lavender color with light green and aqua and gold(?) glitter in it. This glitter is the light iridescent kind so the overall appearance is almost rainbowy! I'm not even a glitter person but this color is stunning. More swatches coming up after the next item, which is....
"Jingle Bells" Pixie Sprinkles glitter and "Creampuff" eyeshadow. I think both of these were made for the Darling Deer holiday collection.

I only took one pic of the glitter, hopefully you can kind of see it here. Not the best lighting but oh well ;P That's Creampuff on the right but don't worry, there are better pics coming up!
Persuasion, Creampuff, and Mystique. This is with flash for sparkle! Creampuff is a purpley taupey plum shade or something (I stink at this lol) it has gold glitter in it but it's a lot finer than the glitter in Persuasion.


You can see the rainbowy-ness of Persuasion in these pics<3

So there you go, I love these colors! Sadly, if you're looking to pick up any of these goodies you'll have to wait until after the holidays as the shop is closed while Susan concentrates on filling orders. Once it's open again I highly recommend Darling Girl's products, I've yet to be disappointed :)
Stay tuned for my last installment... blushes! ;D


  1. I've heard SwatchFreak say many nice things about Persuasion.
    Ah, can't wait to get my mits on it, it looks gawjus.

  2. Wow! Persuasion is beautiful! Susan seems to constantly be coming up with new, amazing colors!

  3. @The Peach Susan is amazing, she's like a pretty makeup-formulating machine! xD


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