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Darling Girl Cosmetics haul and swatches

 Hey guys, I am super excited to bring you a Darling Girl post, at long last! There will be swatches and sparkles galore, but first I just wanted to share a little announcement: recently I applied and was chosen to be one of the new Darling Girl Glamour Girls, so I will be posting looks and such using Darling Girl products on their Facebook fan page, as well as on my blog. I'm really thrilled because I think DGC is such a great company and definitely deserves more recognition!
Now, on to the haul....

It's been a long time since I was able to order from Darling Girl Cosmetics but I did recently and made sure to get a bunch of awesome stuff to share with you all. (It was like Christmas again, unwrapping all these adorably-packaged pretties! :D)
 Let's start off with some of the petit jars:
Don't Teal Me You Love Me, Provoke, Positively Peachy.
Don't Teal me You Love Me was a super limited color Susan concocted recently and I just barely managed to snag one in my order. Provoke is as of now a permanent color and I highly recommend it! Positively Peachy was a GWP.
 All eyeshadows swatched over Glitter Glue (top) and bare, lotioned skin (bottom):
With flash: DTMYLM, Provoke, Positively Peachy, Lucky.

 Provoke is a color I've been wanting for a long time since I read Mandy's review comparing it to MAC's Vex eyeshadow. I've never tried Vex but Provoke looked so gorgeous to me with it's neutral color and pinky sheen. I love this already, I recommend you go buy it!!
Lucky is from the Rainbow Brite collection; I bought the collection in sample baggies a while back and fell in love with Lucky's bright iridescent turquoise glow. I've used it in a look on this blog before and I have another look coming up soon using it as well. It looks amazing over different bases, but over black you can really see the bright color.

Cherry Bomb blush, Secret Star blush, Lucky eyeshadow.
I got petit jars of these two blushes and Lucky because they've been favorites of mine since I got samples in a previous order.

 I also got these 2 baggie samples in the blogger review set to try.
Secret Star blush, Cherry Bomb blush, Blushing Heart blush, Penelope blush.
 Secret Star and Cherry Bomb have been my go-to blushes;
Cherry Bomb is a cool cherry red that leaves the most lovely natural-looking pink flush on my cheeks. I adore it with red lipstick!
Secret Star is a cool bubblegum pink. In the package it almost seems to have a tinge of lavender to it, but once applied to my face it warms up slightly and leaves a sweet pink tint.
Both blushes are very pigmented and have only a very slight sheen to them, but they're not at all shimmery or sparkly which I like. Cherry Bomb is definitely the more pigmented out of the two; it's probably the most pigmented blush I've ever tried. I just use a stipple/skunk/fiberoptic brush, dip it in a tiny amount of product, swirl it around, then tap some off on a tissue or something and apply lightly to my cheeks. You can use another clean soft brush to blend it out and you have a soft, sweet, natural flush that can't be beat. I love DG blushes!

These are the baggie shadows from my order: Wicked and Sweet Savage (top) were free samples; Basket Case and Sexxy Girlfriend! (bottom) were my picks for the blogger review set.
Basket Case, Wicked, Sexxy Girlfriend!, Sweet Savage.
 Basket Case is a lovely blurple with teal duochrome, as you can see. It's gorgeous!
Wicked is a BRIGHT satin green which is awesome.
Sexxy Girlfriend is a sagey minty grey-green with strong pink sheen, I absolutely adore it.
Sweet Savage is an unreleased color from an upcoming matte collection. It's very smooth and pigmented; I can't wait to check out the rest of the mattes! Susan said they should be released over the next week or two.

 The reason I ordered when I did was for this collection, the Cute de Grace collection. It was very limited and I somehow missed the release, I thought it wasn't available yet lol. When I found out it was and there were a few sets left, I grabbed one.
Rapture, The End..., Winter Solstice, Kaboom!, The Countdown, Prophecy, Hope and Renewal.
Rapture, The End..., Winter Solstice, Kaboom!, The Countdown, Prophecy, Hope and Renewal.
 After seeing swatches of this set I had to have it. The colors are gorgeous and complex; I would call several of them metallics, whereas others are a matte base with sheen. I guess since this was limited, these colors aren't available anymore, which is a shame because they are so stunning. Thankfully, Susan has tons of other colors and is constantly mixing up new things so there's bound to be something that catches your eye. ;)

Skyfall Liquid Kiss Luxe gloss sample from the blogger review set, and Just a Kiss Kiss You Off tinted balm.
Skyfall gloss and Just A Kiss balm in sunlight.
Skyfall and Just A Kiss with flash.
Skyfall is a semi-opaque royal purple gloss with tiny shimmers that appear red in most lights, but in the flash picture you can see the shimmers look blue. In person the shimmers aren't very noticeable on the lips. This gloss isn't sticky at all, yet it had pretty good lasting power and wasn't sliding all over my lips, even though I applied quite a bit. I'd like to try this over a pencil or something to get a more defined shape and opacity. I think it would look awesome over a purple or maybe even white or pink base.. lots of possibilities :)
Just A Kiss is a pretty rosey pinky balm that's almost as pigmented as a lipstick. It isn't very balmy, at least it wasn't for me, but my lips were super dry to begin with.What I love about this balm is the very slight metallic sheen it has on the lips that's totally not visible in the pictures, darn it. (You can almost see it in the second swatch pic.)
There appears to be an almost coppery metallic sheen to the product that does translate in person. It gives my lips a slight metallic sheen that makes them look full. I love that!
Neither of these lip products had any scent or taste added, they just smelled/tasted like lipstick/gloss. I know for a while Susan was allowing requests for custom scents in the lip products; I'm not sure if she's still doing that but I'm going to ask next time I purchase some.

So there you go, that's my latest Darling Girl haul! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did, hehe ;)
Have you ever tried Darling Girl Cosmetics? See anything here that strikes your fancy?
Thanks for reading!

*All products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


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    1. Whoops! Sorry about the double post, my google accounts went crazy for a moment xD

    2. Ahaha, it's happened to me a few times! Once, I posted as my Mom... >.>

  2. That was a great haul! I can't wait to get my order, I'm totally hooked on DG; I swear Susan has some of the most beautiful and complex shades I've seen.

    1. Agreed! I'm already thinking about ordering again lol.. I need more lip products!
      I can't wait to see what you get.. ;D

  3. love the haul..eyeshadow colors are so gorgeous

  4. oh i MUST get to know Darling Girl Cosmetics asap :)!! these look so cool :)!! never tried DG but i've been wanting to for a long time and all these products look so pretty :)!!

    1. I highly recommend the company and all their products. I especially love the blushes, and all the eyeshadows and lip products I've tried are gorgeous too! And of course the Glitter Glue :D

  5. Awesome haul! I love DGC so much that when I buy from her, it's hard not to tack on all sorts of other things. Also, how did I not know about Provoke? It's totally going on my wishlist!

    1. I know, it was hard to keep this one from getting out of hand, haha. I ended up getting more than I intended to and still have a wishlist for next time ;)
      Provoke is GORGEOUS, I think you would love it!

  6. Oh my, looks lovely <3 I feel in love with the baby pink blush! Can't wait to get my order and to test out everything ;3

    Can't wait for more of your posts :)

  7. I'm glad you love Provoke!! I had been nagging Susan to make a dupe for MAC's Vex for awhile, and she did such a wonderful job. I need to incorporate it into some future EOTDs so it gets some more love!! :-)

    1. I found out about it through your blog post a while back, I'm so glad too because it's awesome. Definitely a staple color! :)


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