I would like to make one grand announcement: as of January 1, 2015 I no longer have any affiliation or association with any cosmetic brand or company. I am completely on my own, back to basics of just loving makeup and using/sharing what I love. 
In the past I occasionally received free products for promotional purposes, so I will continue to mark any such products with an asterisk (*) so you know I did not buy it myself. 

 As of January 1, 2015 all hyperlinks are for convenience purposes only; I receive no compensation or services from you clicking them, I simply include them to help you out. :)

Sometimes I will edit my Makeup Look photos using Adobe Aperture and Photoshop. Usually I will do as little editing as I can, which may consist of the following: smoothing skin and spot-healing temporary blemishes; cropping, resizing and watermarking; adjusting levels of exposure, color, contrast, and sharpness. Occasionally I enjoy being a bit more artistic and creative with my photography, and will allow myself a more generous amount of editing. However, due to the nature of the camera equipment I use, my photos usually require very little editing. Please see below for more information on my camera equipment.

For most of my photos I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT which is an older model digital camera; it's only 8MP and many cameras used by makeup bloggers today have way better resolution. As a result, my photos can sometimes look a little "unrealistic", especially if I have to crop to a small area like my eye.
I take my photos often in Manual mode, which gives me a lot of control over every setting. During the photography process, I adjust settings like exposure to get the best images. My photos are taken RAW and come out of the camera looking pretty true-to-life, so therefore require little editing.
I use 2 lenses, a wide angle and a 55mm.
For some quick selfies and product shots/swatches, I have been using my iPhone5; this is also what I've been using to film my videos.
I use a Diva Ring Super Nova ring light for my photos and videos.

This page was updated on January 23, 2016.

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