Thursday, December 1, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Rainbow Brite swatches (pic heavy!!)

I recently received my second order from Darling Girl Cosmetics and I'm excited to share what I got with you all! However I'm still trying to get decent pics of everything and there's a lot to cover, so it'll likely be a multi-post series. (Click for parts 2 and 3!)
This post will focus just on the Rainbow Brite collection. :D
(Pics are clickable!)
Rainbow Brite: Looks sherbety orange in bag, swatched on a black base it's a cotton candy pink. On-X: Looks similar both in bag and swatched; a dark black/purple base with multicolored sparkles.

Red Butler: Swatched over black base it's a glowing light red color with low sparkle. La La Orange: Over black base it's a gorgeous glowing orange with a tinge of pink. Also lower sparkle than the other colors, both of these are among my favorites of the collection!

Lucky: Probably the brightest shade of the bunch, it's a super-bright vibrant teal with lots of sparkles. Canary: A lemony yellow shade that has just enough gold in it to make me love it.

Buddy Blue: A pretty blue shade with a good amount of sparkle. Patty O'Green: Over black base it looks like a bright grass green, leaning a bit yellow, with lowish sparkle. I wasn't prepared for how beautiful this one is, looks sooo much better in person than the swatches I've seen!

Indigo: A glowing reddish-purple shade with low sparkle, also one of my favorites! Shy Violet: A blueish-purple shade.

Swatched dry with brushes over NYX Black Bean JEP (top) lotioned skin (middle) Darling Girl Glitter Glue (bottom):

L to R: Rainbow Brite, Red Butler, La La Orange, Canary, Patty O'Green, Lucky, Buddy Blue, Shy Violet, Indigo, On-X.

For kicks I decided to swatch the only other real duo shadow I own, which is Whisper from BFTE. As you can see, both the color and the finish are completely different, so if you have anything like Whisper in your collection you'd still be safe buying this set. Yay! :D

I tried to get multiple angles in different lighting situations; some with flash, some in daylight, etc. Of course the camera could never capture the true beauty of these babies, but hopefully these pics will give you some idea of the shade variations at least. They're all simply gorgeous, but I'd say the ones that attract me most are Red Butler, La La Orange, Lucky, Patty O'Green, and Indigo.

For a duo-lover my collection is rather puny, which is why I got these; there's something so intriguing about a versatile shadow that can change in so many ways depending on how you use it. Each color is like having 5 shadows in one, crazy!
I'm so glad I got this collection! The set of 10 bag samples only cost me $7 on sale so I would encourage checking them out, they're definitely worth it!

**Bonus swatches! I added these as an afterthought because they sort of show some other aspects of the colors. I took these yesterday or the day before.. but I didn't do all the colors. L to R: black liner from Sephora, lotioned skin, DG Glitter Glue.**
This shows patty O'Green in it's splendor! It really is a vibrant green, swatches do not do it justice. I didn't edit these pics at all!

Top: On-X Middle: Patty O'Green Bottom: Canary

L to R: La La Orange, Red Butler, Buddy Blue. Underside: Rainbow Brite.

I hope you enjoyed these pics, please look forward to the rest of my haul, coming soon!
Thanks for reading! ^,~


  1. These look fanastic!!! I love how you did your swatches, made it really easy to compare them all together with and without a base.

  2. @Amanda Lehrke Thanks! It was a different method for me but I'm glad it worked out ;D

  3. wow, love those sample bags cuz even if they call it sample you get so much product! and amazing swatches! and how well they were shifting, and such a bright move to use a dark base!

  4. I can't wait for my La la orange, on-x and glitter glue to get here. I'm also excited about moondust and cozy nights.
    I have no idea what else I ordered lol :D

  5. @EyeGraffiti Thanks! They really pop on the dark base, I was amazed :O

    V: I love La La Orange<3 Haha, it'll be a surprise then xD

  6. Great swatches, I love how you layered them over different bases. They look really neat over Black Bean!

  7. @Vulcan_Butterfly Thanks :D They were so bright in person, I just loved looking at them.. I didn't want to wash them off :)


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