Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Colorful Winter Wonderland: My look

Here's my half of the Colorful Winter Wonderland posts! This was for the Makeuptalk/Sugarpill contest which ends tomorrow so I don't yet know who will win.. but the prize is Sugarpill so I really want to win!! lol anyway, please keep reading to see more ;)
As always, pics are clickable!
My sister was enjoying snapping random pictures of me lol
Products I used:
-Eye and Lip Primer from BFTE (on eyes)
-Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer
-Revlon Colorstay foundation in "Ivory" for Combination/Oily Skin
-BFTE shadow in "Butt Naked"
-Darling Girl Cosmetics blush in "Secret Star"
-BFTE shadow in "Yellow Brick Road"
-BFTE shadow in "Cornflower"
-Darling Girl Cosmetics "Mystique" Spectral Shift
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk"
-Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue
-NYX "Snow" glitter
-Sephora mini white eyeliner pencil
-Coastal Scents 88 Palette (matte white shade)
-Red Cherry #507 lashes
-wet n' wild  Megaliner in Black

I wrote a walkthrough of my look to go with my entry:

"This is my rainbow snow lady look :) I was inspired by.. just pale colors and frosty-looking skin. Kind of like the White Witch from the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movies. It took me several hours to get it looking the way I wanted and I used a lot of products:
First I used an eye primer from BFTE Cosmetics on and around my eyes, and Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer on my face. Then I used a soft synthetic brush to buff foundation all over my face; I used Revlon Colorstay in Ivory for Combination/Oily skin. Next I used another soft synthetic kabuki-type brush to dust highlighter all over my face, concentrating on my nose and cheekbones; I used Butt Naked eyeshadow from BFTE Cosmetics. For rosy cheeks I used Secret Star blush from Darling Girl Cosmetics on the apples of my cheeks. Next I added the yellow and blue on my cheekbones and temples; for the yellow I used Yellow Brick Road eyeshadow from BFTE Cosmetics, and for the blue I used a combination of aqua shadows in my collection, trying to get the right color and opacity. (It mainly ended up being a combination of BFTE "Cornflower" and Darling Girl "Mystique".) I also used Mystique on my eyelids; it's a pale aqua color with pink sheen, so pretty! I also used a little more BFTE "Cornflower" on my outer corner/crease area; I applied both over NYX "Milk" pencil as a base. Next I used more Butt Naked shadow to highlight heavily all along my browbone to my inner corner/tear duct area, as well as on my eyebrows. Then I applied a Sephora brand white eyeliner pencil along my lower waterline and lashline, winging out at both inner and outer corner. Along there I dusted on a little matte white eyeshadow from my Coastal Scents 88 Palette. After applying false lashes, (Red Cherry #507 with Duo glue), I used a little black liquid liner along my inner lashline because the lashes stopped too abruptly, lol. (Falsies have a hard time fitting to my eye shape :( ) Next I took a piece of Scotch tape and used a snowflake shape-puncher to punch a snowflake-shaped hole in the tape; I stuck it on my temples and down along my cheekbones, dabbed on some Glitter Glue from Darling Girl, and patted on NYX "Snow" glitter, using a concentrated amount. I then peeled off the tape and was left with lovely little glittery snowflakes. Using my fluffy synthetic brush and a small soft paintbrush from a craft store, I blended out the colors with more Butt Naked shadow so they would be soft, and also used it to highlight my face a lot because I wanted a really pearly frosty finish to my skin, almost like Data from Star Trek, haha. Finally I used some foundation on my lips and patted more Butt Naked over them to make them sort of blend into my face a little."
You may have noticed that my lashes look like they're barely attached.. this is an old pair and they're pretty bent up by now. Also my eyes are different shapes; my right eye is more rounded on top which makes applying lashes hard. These did not want to stick on the ends, especially the inner corners! >.<
 To make these snowflakes, I used this shape-puncher and Scotch tape:
I couldn't use them more than once so I had to make a new one for each flake x_x The effect was glorious, though!

Over all, I love how this look came out. It may look like I just slapped colors on my face, but I feel that it looks elegant and ethereal and gives a frosty, wintery feel. I could have kept adding darker colors and done a lot of shading and contouring and used lots of dark eyeliner and stuff, but I wanted to keep the look very light. It turned out exactly the way I wanted<3 (Of course if I could do it over again I'd make sure to apply the falsies correctly no matter how many times I had to redo them, lol.)

The contest was supposed to end today but they just announced a weeklong extension so there's still time to enter, people!
Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing my look as much as I enjoyed creating it! Thanks for reading! ^_~
Not sure why these pics look so grey.. the files on my computer don't look like that, this only happened after I uploaded them here.. :(


  1. Love this! Your skin is so glowy! Love how you did the snowflakes! Thanks for sharing that with us. I never would have thought to use a punch and tape!

  2. @The Peach Thank you! :3 Yeah I'm not sure where that particular lightbulb came from lol, but it really worked nicely! :D

  3. lovely shimmers in your eyeshadow, this is a cute winter look!

  4. The concentration on your face (picture with the kabuki brush) makes it look like you're getting ready for your wedding day :D::D


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