Thursday, April 18, 2013

Darling Girl Cosmetics haul and swatches!

All products in this post were purchased by me using my Glamour Girl discount. Also, all opinions are my own and I'm not being compensated at all for this post, nor do I get anything if you click the links, etc.

 This is going to be a long, very pic-heavy post of my latest haul from Darling Girl Cosmetics. For sparkly swatches galore, keep scrolling and CLICK THE PICS FOR MAXIMUM SWEETNESS!
Here is their primer which I purchased in this order. It has a texture almost like a gluestick (remember those? haha) and works almost as well as Glitter Glue for sparkly shadows! It's also completely invisible on the skin. (I heard this isn't the best for completely matte shadows, just fyi.) I can't wait to be testing this out. 

Here are the colors used in the first row of swatches:
Jar/lid shots are instead of prying the sifters out of each of the jars because I'm too lazy :)
The second color on the right is actually called April Love, it just had the wrong sticker.
 Swatched dry with my fingers over Primped and Primed primer:
L to R: Edge of the Deep (GWP), Bubbles (GWP), Impervious, Leviathan, Socialite, Morbid Angel, April Love, Forget Me Nots.
Bubbles, Impervious, Leviathan, Socialite.
Bubbles, Impervious, Leviathan, Socialite, Morbid Angel.
Morbid Angel, April Love, Forget Me Nots.
With flash.
Edge of the Deep and Bubbles were both GWP shades; (the reason i got two is because I was already getting Edge of the Deep with my order but then Bubbles came out so I asked Susan if I could buy that one too and she included it in my order because she's awesome!)
Neither of these is available for purchase right now but Bubbles has been really popular so Susan said it will become a permanent shade, yay!

 Color descriptions:
-Edge of the Deep: A sparkling teal over a deep matte blue base. (Something like that, I'm bad at descriptions lol.)
-Bubbles: A lovely light shimmery base with sparkles and a green/pink/purple sheen. Iridescent like a soap bubble! See it in a look here.
-Impervious: "Murky grey base with strong turquoise green flash and ribbon."
On me, the base looks like a warm brownish grey; it's one of the more sparkly shades in my order, as you can see from the above flash pic.
-Leviathan: "Rich teal with strong green flash and a subtle shift to almost a periwinkle shade."
I can't express in words my love for this shade, it's probably the most gorgeous teal I've ever seen. In person the shift is even more apparent and complex; there are several different colors in it. I looooove this color!!!
-Socialite: "A rich royal blue with strong turquoise flash.  It looks amazing over a black base or eyeliner, as the turquoise really comes to life."
In person the turquoise flash is even more pronounced. The base is mostly matte but has just the right amount of slight shimmer to make this color smooth and pigmented. I love love love this one too!!
-Morbid Angel: "An oddly-pretty highlight shade.  It's a smokey lilac taupe with just the barest hint of green iridescence."
I'd say the "smokey lilac taupe" is correct but I'd put emphasis on the "taupe" part. To me it looks like a very pretty taupe with goldish shimmer/sheen; in some lights I can see a tiny bit of green but it's not obvious, at least not over the primer or the way I had it swatched here. You can perhaps see from different angles that sometimes it looks cool and sometimes it looks warm, more golden, from the shimmer. It's really pretty and a good everyday shade.
-April Love: "A gorgeous lavender with blue duochrome.  I've been told it's a good dupe for Urban Decay's Mayhem."
This color was sent to me by mistake because it was mislabeled as April Showers, which is a completely different color. I'm so glad it was though because I love it and already used it in a look here.
-Forget Me Nots: "Lavender with orange shift."
Yep, that's basically it. I love Spectral Shifts because they are so creamy in consistency and pigmentation, and this shade is no different. Definitely a winner!

Set #2: pinks, yellow and golds!
L to R: Stargazer, Obviously A Wig, Adoration, Honey Pot, Mayor's Daughter, Lemon Meringue, Little Miss Sunshine.
Stargazer, Obviously A Wig, Adoration, Honey Pot.
Obviously A Wig, Adoration, Honey Pot, Mayor's Daughter, Lemon Meringue.
Honey Pot, Mayor's Daughter, Lemon Meringue, Little Miss Sunshine.
Lemon Meringue, Little Miss Sunshine.
Color Descriptions:
-Stargazer: "A gorgeous red pink with soft blue duochrome.  If you are feeling a little saucy, try it as a blush!"
I didn't see much blue in my own swatch, although the sheen did make that part look like a cooler pink, if that makes sense. A very nice hot pink color nontheless!
-Obviously A Wig: "A shifting magenta that reflects sugary blue in some lights. For the daring, this shade could be worn as a blush or even mixed into some gloss to create a lip color."
Pretty accurate; as you can see in my swatch, the blue duochrome is very obvious (hehe) and gives the overall shade an almost purpley appearance. It really reminds me of Sugarpill's 2AM pressed shadow, only much nicer in my opinion; brighter with more blue in it. Love it!
 -Adoration: "A great creamy pearl to have in your collection."
The photos are pretty much self-explanatory; it's not a typical white, but a creamy almost peachy-beige(?) type of color. It's not very shimmery which I like. It probably would have swatched better on my bare skin or a non-sticky base. A very useful shade.
-Honey Pot: "This gold is not for the timid. It is a loud, red-orange tinged gold."
I've been wanting this gold for a while and it's gorgeous and perfect; super smooth, bright, metallic, not too shimmery... love!
-Mayor's Daughter: "This bright, yellow gold could make you into the symbol of the revolution with its pink sparkles and metallic finish."
A nice gold to have in your collection; smooth and metallic with some sparkles, but not over the top.
-Lemon Meringue: "A bright yellow with a little red afterglow and contrasting purple shimmers."
I didn't notice any purple shimmers but I didn't look very closely at this while I was swatching so many colors at once. There is a red glow that is subtle, but more visible over the primer, and Glitter Glue would probably bring it out even more. A bright sunny happy shade, I like it :) 
-Little Miss Sunshine: "A gorgeous, buttery yellow with the loveliest red shift."
Another Spectral Shift; the color is very light and would probably make a nice highlight/browbone shade. There is a slight red shift, again more visible over the primer and probably Glitter Glue.

Grasshopper, Roots Radical, Sultry Siren, Swag, Midnight Sea, Haze.
Grasshopper, Roots Radical, Sultry Siren, Swag, Midnight Sea.
Roots Radical, Sultry Siren, Swag, Midnight Sea, Haze.
Swag, Midnight Sea, Haze.
Color descriptions:
-Grasshopper: "Vibrant leaf green with golden undertones."
A bright grassy green; the base is somewhat matte leaning a little yellow. Depending on how you apply this shadow, you could pake it appear more matte or shimmery. (This was my pick for the Glamour Girl's POTW, click here to see the post!)
-Roots Radical: "... is a light, mint green with gold and pink sparkles."
It is that, and very pretty. I don't have any colors like this in my collection.
-Sultry Siren: "a murky aqua base with pink shift."
"Murky" is a good word to describe the base color, and as you can see, the pink/red shift is pretty pronounced, especially when used over a base.
-Swag: "Murky grey green with shifts from silvery green to red violet."
This is also accurate! This shade is recently added and it's so shifty and beautiful; you can sort of see the shift in some of my swatches, especially the last few. It reminds me of an oil slick, or a sunrise on water. I highly recommend seeing this one in person!!
 -Midnight Sea: "a rich, matte, royal purple base with turquoise shift.  So pretty!"
I remember when this shade was introduced, I saw swatches on the DG Facebook page and about died from the awesomeness... now it's mine and I have to say it's one of the most gorgeous deep blue-purples I've ever seen! I should have gotten a jar because it's that gorgeous. Can't wait to use it in a look!
-Haze: "a beautiful taupe with violet shift and purple and red iridescence."
In my swatch it looks more like a light warm lavender shade, I didn't notice much shifting but again, I wasn't able to study this color too closely whilst swatching all these at once. A nice, light, sheer glowy purple.

Burning Love, Bed Boogie, Tempting Tryst.
Here are a few of the newish MILF "Matte I'd Like To Find" collection. They have campy names inspired by cheap racy romance novels, lol. These are awesome mattes!

-Burning Love: "Bright carrot orange."
It is bright and orange, leaning a little red, but still a definite orange. I love this.. soon I should do a little comparison with Sugarpill's Flameopoint, one of my favorite orange shadows. If you want a loose dupe for Flamepoint, this might be a good one!
-Bed Boogie: Doesn't have a proper description but it is a matte teal. It looks brighter in person than in the baggie and on the website; Susan said most of these mattes swatch a bit darker than they apply on the eye. I like this because many mattes tend to darken on me which I don't care for. Anyway, Bed Boogie is a lovely matte teal! See it in a look here
-Tempting Tryst: "Mid-tone grey brown, great crease color."
Perfect description. Really nice taupe, not too warm or cool, dark or light. Applies lighter than it appears in swatches/baggie. See it in a look here

Blushes! I sheered the swatches out a little so you can better see how they look on the face.
 You may or may not know that I'm a bit obsessed with DG blushes... I have to get some new samples in each order, lol. I plan to try them all!

-Zombie Supermodel: "Bright magenta with a bit of a pinky red undertone and tiny blue shimmer."
Great bright bubblegum pink shade, can't wait to use it!
-Boardwalk: "... looks a bit scary in the jar, but gives a nice peachy flush of color to the cheeks for that healthy glow."
This is a nice, slightly brown-toned peachy blush. It's a very pretty and wearable color, though it looks downright brown swatched next to....
-Neon Trees: "Bright pinky/orange/coral with a sweet pink undertones."
This blush is super light and adorable, I cannot wait to try it. I've been wanting it foreverrrr♥
 -Zazzy Zinnia: "Bright coral pink leaning a little orange with gold shimmer, it's not over the top I'm gonna look like a disco ball shimmer."
This is a brand new blush shade for Spring. I adore the name! I didn't notice a ton of shimmer, only some sparse little gold sparkles here and there. I think this will look super fresh and pretty for Spring.

Maui Sunrise Liquid Kiss Luxe
-Maui Sunrise: "A golden pink with subtle shift from pink to gold and sprinkled with gold pearl."
Such a pretty gloss! It's semi-opaque, more so than it looks in the photo. The hand swatch is truer to how it appears on the lips, it has an almost metallic look to it, sort of opalescent. Really nice.

This concludes my crazy long epic haul of crazy awesome hugeness! Hope you enjoyed and I highly recommend everything! ;) But, just in case you need specific recommendations, here are my absolute faves from this haul:
Bubbles, Impervious, Leviathan, Socialite, April Love, Forget Me Nots, Obviously A Wig, Honey Pot, Lemon Meringue, Grasshopper, Swag, Midnight Sea, Burning Love, Bed Boogie, Tempting Tryst, Zombie Supermodel, and Neon Trees.

Thanks for reading!

All products in this post were purchased by me using my Glamour Girl discount. Also, all opinions are my own and I'm not being compensated at all for this post, nor do I get anything if you click the links, etc.


  1. Oooh I really like Bed Boogie!

    It's really weird, while I don't mind Glitter Glue with matte eyeshadows, there's something weird about Primped and Primed with mattes (in my experience at least) and that's weird since the two have a similar effect with shimmery eyeshadows

    1. Yeah I noticed Bed Boogie didn't perform well over the primer, it darkened the color a lot and sort of pilled up as I was blending. Humm I've never tried matte shadows with GG, might have to try that and see what happens :)


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