Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: NYX "Citrine" Black Label Lipstick

 Hey there! In this post I bring you one of my new favorite lip products...
 NYX Black Label Lipstick in Citrine♥

I have been really into bright orange and coral lip products lately. (Gearing up for Spring, I guess!) I got this beauty in a recent Cherry Culture haul and I love it! 
Left to right: Wet N' Wild MegaLast "Stoplight Red", NYX BLL "Citrine", Wet N' Wild MegaLast "Purty Persimmon".
 I wanted to swatch this lippie alongside other colors to show the difference since it can be hard to tell the shade from a single swatch. Here I have Citrine beside a red and another orange; you can see how much more warm and orange it is beside Stoplight Red. Citrine actually looks pretty similar to Purty Persimmon, but Citrine is more of a true orange whereas Purty Persimmon is slightly more red/coral.

Me wearing Citrine alone. The color is very saturated on camera; it may look slightly less red in person.
Me wearing Citrine with mark Juice Gems gloss in Cherry Pop over top.
I wanted to see what this lipstick would look like with a sparkly gloss over it, so I dabbed on a reddish-orange gloss (mark Juice Gems gloss in Cherry Pop) and spread it out with my pinky. It created a super wet and juicy finish and the copper sparkles added dimension. I love this combination!♥

This lippie is the perfect balance of red and orange, and it's bright and bold. I think it looks great with my fair skin and makes me dream of Summer days.
The formula is nice, it applies well and has that lovely grape scent common with the Black Labels. I love that smell :)
I also got NYX Orange lip pencil (which I will save for another post) and I think the two would look perfect together, however you don't absolutely need a lip pencil with this lipstick. I'm not wearing pencil in the photos and it looks fine, right? ;)

So how about you? Any favorite orange lip products?

*Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.
  *Some or all images were lightly adjusted using Aperture and/or Photoshop; for details, please read the photo editing disclosure widget at the bottom of my right-side bar.


  1. Beautiful color that suits your perfectly!


  2. OMG!! that's a gorgeous color...
    Today I just bought some wnw lipstick as I was seen the review on your blog..thanks so are awesome!!

    1. Happy to help! Thw WnW lipsticks are great and easy on the wallet! ;)

  3. I love orange lipsticks, I have too many! I recently tried a bunch of NYX lipsticks for the first time and I was really impressed! I can't believe that they are so nice yet so inexpensive.


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