Monday, December 19, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Blush swatches!

 Finally, it's the last installment of my latest haul series from Darling Girl Cosmetics! (Click for parts 1 and 2!)
This one is all about BLUSHES! I got several blush samples including some brand new ones and they're all amazing.<3
Let's get started :D
"Cherry Bomb" and "Secret Star"; I've already used Secret Star and I love it. In the bag it looks like a super light bubblegum pink and reminds me of Mod lipstick from the 60's, but on me it warms up to a perfect pink.

"Purple Haze" and "Orange You Glad To See Me?" Self-explanatory colors, both are matte.

The pink triplets, these are all new shades! As soon as I saw Susan's pictures on Facebook I knew I had to have them all<3

"Virgin" is a bright pink with slight blue duochrome. I already wore this one once I think, it's a bit more sheer than some of Susan's other blushes. It has slight shimmer and is nice if you just want a very sheer lightly shimmery flush :)

"Cheeky"; MAN was I looking forward to this one! It's a peachy-pink shade of coral and I love it. It's a soft focus blush which I think means it's mostly matte and extremely pigmented! I tried using this on and accidentally used too much.. yeah, don't make that mistake cuz this stuff stays put! I think I'll especially love this blush come Spring/Summer.

"Man Candy", kind of an inside joke lol; it's a bright pink, a bit warmer than Virgin. This one has duochrome too but I can't remember what color? Maybe blue as well? Anyway, it seems to also be a little more on the sheer side than the Soft Focus blushes I've tried. Can't wait to test this ;D

"Cougar" and "Boy Crazy"; neither of these colors is something I've used before since I'm pretty fair and neutral complexion-wise. I tend to think of colors like these as more suitable for warmer/tan people, but I'm sure if you were determined you could make them work on fair skin. I got them because they're new and I couldn't help myself lol. Cougar is a rusty shade with blue duochrome, I really like the color but I've yet to try it on myself. Boy Crazy is gorgeous, it's a really nice shade of brown with a little sheen; I think this could totally work as a blush or bronzer for even light-skinned ladies. I'm totally open to experimentation ;)

L to R: Cougar, Boy Crazy, Cheeky, Virgin, Man Candy, Cherry Bomb, Purple Haze, Secret Star, Orange You Glad To See Me?



Direct sunlight; the colors are not really this neon.. for some reason this camera likes to saturate reds.

Orange You Glad (last) looks red in these pics, just be advised that it actually is a bright orange. So bright in fact that the camera couldn't handle it's awesomeness!
So that about wraps it up for this haul! I hope you enjoyed these swatches and I hope you'll give Darling Girl a try when the shop is back up after the holidays! :)


  1. Beautiful blushes from DG! Purple Haze looks awesome! And Cherry Bomb looks so bright! I'm waiting for Susan to reopen her shop so I can place another order!

  2. @The Peach They're all really nice, I really love Susan's blushes<3 I want to try some lip products next ;D

  3. I really like the look of Cheeky, the peachy pink color is gorgeous!


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