Monday, February 11, 2013

30 Day Collab: Days 1 and 2

 Some friends and I decided to do this 30 Day Makeup Challenge as a sort of collaboration together, yay! No promises to whether I'll be able to keep it up but I'm going to try ;)

Day 1: a picture of your face without makeup
 I wasn't sweating posting a naked face pic until i actually had to do it, lol. I've posted bare-faced me before but it felt so deliberate this time, I guess. You can see a bit of how unhappy my skin has been lately. It's changed a lot in the last few months and I'm still figuring out what to do with it.

Day 2: a picture of your typical makeup
 This is a fairly typical makeup look for me when I'm going to church or maybe out to eat or something. A semi-special occasion look.
I can count on one hand the number of times I've done makeup in the past 2 months so I feel a little rusty, lol. I used a moisture mask today so my skin wasn't as flaky while doing this makeup look which was good.

Products I used for my typical makeup look.
-Reviva Labs Makeup Primer
-Belleme BB Cream
-BFTE Cosmetics mineral foundation in Light Beige
-Darling Girl Cosmetics blush in Secret Star
-BFTE Cosmetics "Butt Naked" (not pictured) face highlight
-BFTE Cosmetics Eye and Lip Primer (on eyes)
-NYX Slide On pencil in Golden Olive
-Urban Decay Naked Basics palette (on eyes/brows)
-Maybelline and Cover Girl mascaras (not pictured)
-NYX lip pencil in Nude Pink
-NYX Mega Shine gloss in Smokey Look
If you have a Facebook page and are interested in participating in this challenge collab, please go to my challenge album and comment with your page name and I'll add you to the list!
I hope you enjoyed this! I'm looking forward to doing these daily challenges so keep an eye out for them! Thanks for reading :)

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