Monday, March 7, 2016

Look: Metallurgy

 Hey! This post is for a look I did at the very beginning of the year, but it's taken me this long to post it... I tend to put off the most important things because I'm too afraid of messing them up, know what I mean? lol. Anyway, this look was so much fun to do! I wanted to do something extremely clean and androgynous; the aesthetic is sort of like a cyborg assassin in a military post-apocolyptic future. Or something.. :P

The first few photos are the first phase of the look– bold, defined brows, cheekbones, and lips, with little other makeup. There's a little neutral color on my eyes, but that's all.
Check out my clickable pics!

Close-up to show the makeup.
i will cut you!

 For the second phase, I added more cheek color, mascara, and some highlighter to make it a little more feminine:

This shot was my sister's favorite so she wanted me to include it, lol.

For me, it was strange to do an androgynous look; I don't feel that I have a very feminine face, so I usually rely on things like blush and mascara and eyeliner to make me look more feminine. However, it was fun relying less on the makeup and more on my own features... and sort of empowering, like "I can look cool with dark green lips and no lashes!" lol. Of course I do prefer the version with mascara– note how I look like I have no lashes in the first photos!

-Loreal Infallible Pro Matte foundation in lightest shade
-Darling Girl blush in Koalification* (contour)
-Darling Girl blush in Neon Trees
-Jesse's Girl eye primer* (I think)
- Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, Venus as highlight and Crave on brows
-Urban Decay Naked palette, Buck and Naked on eyes
-Cover Girl The Super Sizer mascara*
-Portland Black Lipstick Company lipstick in "Metallurgy"

My skin was a MESS; breakouts, redness, dryness, flakiness, the works. I really caked on the Loreal Pro Matte foundation, and was super surprised at how full-coverage it was, although my skin was way too dry to wear it properly. It was pretty flaky on my forehead, and I had so many wrinkles across my cheeks and under my eyes, but nothing a little Photoshop couldn't fix. :)
I loved wearing the Metallurgy lipstick too, although my sample is so old I probably should have tossed it long ago. Ah well. 

Anyway, THERE IT IS, YAY. I hope you enjoy this look as much as I did! I love playing with makeup and trying to take interesting photos. I'm trying to push myself a little outside my comfort zone in both areas. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm getting a Blade Runner vibe from this, very nice!

    1. yeah, right? in that 4th pic she really looks like Rachael!!

  2. wow! finally i can see you! these pics look so professional fashion ones!!! this androgyn look and kind of futuristic suits you amazingly! such a statement!

  3. I LOVE both of these looks :)
    LOVE that lipstick and the bare eyes.. so stunning :)

  4. I liked you with hair open :) You look pretty in that :)


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