Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Video: Nail Polish Favorites

 Hey guys, I made a video featuring a random selection of some favorite nail polishes! 

Sorry for the ugly thumbnail, I'm not allowed to use my own pics yet :(

Below are some manis I did using them:
 One of my favorite manis ever, Rad Nomad with Antiquated accents.

 This is the mani I was wearing in the video; Jackie Oh! with silver glitter accents.

 Sugar Crush by itself; this was right when I had started to grow out my nails. More examples of Sugar Crush here and here!

 Comparison between the two polishes, they are really similar! I think the WnW is a LITTLE but sparklier, but you can barely see a difference really.

 A quick mani I did. Simple but I loved it!

 Love this one<333 br="">

 Revlon Moon Candy glitter top coat in Eclipse, over black. The first pic has a glossy topcoat, the second pic is mattified. You can see that the flakes are different shades of blue/purple. Looove!

 And there you go! A few shades were missing, like Mrs. Robinson and Winter Affair; for some reason I don't have pictures of those colors but maybe I will take some soon. 

I hope you enjoyed this, thanks for watching/reading!


  1. wow! a lot going on in this post!..i can't even name all of the manis i've liked here: the jackie oh one, that funky fingers purple is amazing, you look so neat with the wet & wild neutral, and the little stars on the revlon are such a good idea to make it more fun. i may copy it cause i'm wearing a similar serious brown right now. that revlon moon glitter matte i'm still staring at it! i want it on my nails right now! but i had no idea you had a youtube channel, i subbed! :) it's nice to see you in vid, makes everything more real and you look so cute :)

    1. Aww thanks! I don't have many videos but I've always wanted to make some. It's just so time consuming lol. I felt kind of awkward talking to a camera but your kind words are encouraging and I appreciate it :) If you do recreate any of these I would love to see them!

    2. sure! if i'll do i'll surely post it on my blog and let you know here ;) hope to see you in my comments soon


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