Friday, October 3, 2014

SugarSkullMinerals Swatches: The Fall Collection

Hey everyone! So in the spirit of Fall which is finally officially here, today I have some swatches to share for some gorgeous fall shadows from Sugar Skull Minerals! Check them out below!
The Fall Collection is available now through Dec. 1
Site descriptions:
Blood Moon - Maroon/brown. ****Contains Carmine****
Dusty - Muted gray/green with teeny blue reflects. ****Contains Carmine****
Maize - (vegan) Orange/gold with a warm mauve base.
Whiskey Tango - (vegan) Orange/brown with red/gold reflects.
Apple Jack - (vegan) Metallic pink/mauve with lots of silver reflects.
Candle Lit - (vegan) Light shimmery champagne gold. Great as a highlighter!
 Cider - (vegan) Copper toned light brown.
Rust - (vegan) Metallic gold/copper with lots of copper reflects.

Swatched over Milani shadow pencil in Almond Cream:
Blood Moon, Dusty, Maize, Whiskey Tango.
Blood Moon
Whiskey Tango
 Here is a flash photo to show the colors and sparkle!
Whiskey Tango is probably my favorite in this collection, it's super sparkly and so gorgeous! Here is a swatch over Darling Girl's Glitter Glue to show off the metallic sparkles:

 Row 2:
Apple Jack, Candle Lit, Cider, Rust.
Apple Jack
Candle Lit
Apple Jack, Candle Lit, Cider, Rust.
 Candle Lit is a buttery soft gold highlight color which is so pretty, I wish it showed up better in these photos. 
Rust is a bright gorgeous coppery golden color, definitely up my alley and definitely perfect for fall.

Apple Jack is very sparkly so I wanted to show it over Glitter Glue:

This limited collection is available now through December 1 in the Sugar Skull Minerals Etsy shop.
Just from swatching, my own favorites include Blood Moon, Maize, Candle Lit, and Whiskey Tango♥
Which ones do you like? :)

Thanks for reading!

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