Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Haul and Swatches

 Part of my latest haul from Darling Girl Cosmetics!
I had a gift code to redeem so i took the opportunity to grab some samples as well as a brand new product I've been dying to try, a new face primer, and a pocket mirror that's cute-as-a-button!

Keep scrolling for lots of pics :)
I've been wanting to try more of Susan's matte shadows so I got a couple of neutrals, plus a nude shade with a little shimmer. This is Between the Sheets, Naughty Bits, Kilty Pleasures, Bite Me, and Bare Nekkid.

More colors I've been wanting to try: Bad Ash, Ripley's Cat, Ermahgerd, Electric Avenue, and Papercut.
Bad Ash: pretty reddish copper shade with blue sparkles!
Ripley's Cat: Coppery orange color with pink sheen!
Ermahgerd!: Pale coral-pink satin with silvery, almost baby blue sheen. This color is so cute!!
Electric Avenue: Super gorgeous, glowy bright aqua green with gold sparkles! I love this color!
Papercut was my free sample. For this one I had to refer to the site description: Dirty plum with strong grassy green glow.

Two GWPs (my haul was two orders combined) and a new semi-loose shadow!
Candy Man GWP, Treasure Map GWP, and Rendezvous semi-loose shadow.
Candy Man over bare skin.
Treasure Map over bare skin. I actually came up with the name for this one so it has a special place in my heart. It would be nice if Susan brought this GWP back permanently! ;)
Rendezvous over bare skin; it doesn't even need Glitter Glue since it's semi-loose.
This color is too gorgeous to show properly on camera; it's a plum base with mauve and gold and bronze shift, ugh, so amazing!

I also got this new primer to try since my face primer ran out and I was looking for a similar replacement without a lot of nasty chemicals. Can't wait to try it! (Shown with business card for size reference.)

My adorable "Is My Glitter Showing?" pocket mirror; if you've ever had a large size button pin, this is the same size. It's basically a button pin with a mirror on the other side. Perfect and handy for touch-ups, gonna keep this little darlin' in my purse :D
Shown with business card for size reference.
Shiny! :D

 Coming up soon I will have previews of two new collections coming out next month, and believe me, you will definitely want to see these!

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