Thursday, August 28, 2014

PIC HEAVY: DGC 'Who Ya Gonna Call' swatches and look

It's time for my epic giant Australia-sized post featuring the upcoming "Who Ya Gonna Call" collection from Darling Girl Cosmetics; not only do I have numerous swatch photos of all 10 colors, but also an eye look using 6 of those colors! Since I don't like splitting up or scheduling posts, you get to see it all RIGHT NOW! You're welcome. ;)

First up are the SWATCHES! Over Glitter Glue, with my fingers because I have no clean makeup brushes:
First up we have Key Master, He Slimed Me, Ghost Job, The Flowers Are Still Standing..., and Spiritual Turbulence. This picture does absolutely no justice for these colors but the close-ups are much better. Keep scrolling!
Key Master is a gorgeous minty aqua with gold shift, super pretty and sparkly.
He Slimed Me is a matte chartreuse base with acid green and gold shimmer and pink/red shift!
Ghost Job is a sparkly silvery-white.
The Flowers Are Still Standing... is a reddish-pink with gold (green?) shimmer. I also thought I saw some blue sparkles in it?
Spiritual Turbulence is a denim blue with pink, copper, gold sparkles. Look at it.. gorgeous!
That's A Big Twinkie, There Is No Dana, Mass Hysteria, The Tragic Death Of Mr. Stay Puft, Don't Cross The Streams.
That's A Big Twinkie is a peachy pearly tan? with violet iridescence? I think? It's gorgeous, whatever it is lol.
There Is No Dana is a stunning metallic orange-copper, oh baby♥
Mass Hysteria (love the name) is a medium purple that changes shades and becomes warmer or cooler depending on lighting and how it's applied. I think it's a cooler base with warm shimmer (or maybe I have that backwards?) and some various pink and turquoise shimmer/shift? As seen in the next photo...
(See? Awesome stuff going on in that purple.) The Tragic Death of Mr. Stay Puft is one of my favorites in the collection; it's a sort of pinkish lavender nude base with multicolored sparkles, so adorable! I don't have anything else like this in my entire makeup collection.
Don't Cross The Streams is a HELLO THERE sapphire blue shimmer over a blackened base. It looks much darker in the bag but gets quite bright once it's applied which I love. It also has awesome gold sparkles in it. Love.
 And because it took me several tries to swatch these, I'll include some bonus swatches which may be clicked and enlarged. Just to show a different aspect of the colors. That, plus I hate to waste my hard work taking pictures lol.
Key Master, He Slimed Me, Ghost Job, The Flowers Are Still Standing..., and Spiritual Turbulence.
Key Master
He Slimed Me
Ghost Job
Spiritual Turbulence
The Flowers Are Still Standing... (See the bluish looking sparkles? I'm not crazy! :D)

That's A Big Twinkie, There Is No Dana, Mass Hysteria, The Tragic Death Of Mr. Stay Puft, Don't Cross The Streams.
That's A Big Twinkie
There Is No Dana
Mass Hysteria
The Tragic Death of Mr. Stay Puft (LOOK AT THIS COLOR)
Don't Cross The Streams
A shot of the cloth I used to clean my hand after swatching, which inspired the following look...

Products not purchased by me are marked with an asterisk (*):

-*Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
 -Milani Shadow Eyez eyeshadow pencil in Almond Cream (all over lids as base)
-Darling Girl Glitter Glue (on lower lids)
Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadows in:
 -He Slimed Me* (inner lid, tearduct, and above crease)
-Key Master* (middle lid and lower lashline)
-Spiritual Turbulence* (outer lid and lower lashline)
 -Don't Cross The Streams* (outer corner)
-Mass Hysteria* (crease)
-The Tragic Death of Mr. Stay Puft* (to highlight tearduct/browbone and blend out all the edges)
-Wet N' Wild black creme eyeliner
-Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara
-theBalm eyeshadow in Presto (dark brown)
-Urban Decay eyeshadow in Naked2 (light taupe)
 I desperately wanted to work There Is No Dana somewhere into my look but I was on thin ice as it was using so many colors, lol. I'm usually more of a 1-2 colors kind of gal.
I love the names in this collection, they crack me up! I got really nostalgic while typing up this post; as a little kid I remember so much Ghostbusters stuff in the 80s and 90s... toys, clothing, children's bedding, the animated show which I watched with my siblings, and of course the movies which I've decided I must now watch all over again.
I had a lot of fun doing these swatches and the look and the blog post, the whole collection is awesome! The "Who Ya Gonna Call" collection will be released mid-September on Darling Girl's site, so get your Paypals ready ;)
Next week I hope to show you the same deal for the OTHER new collection coming out next month which you WON'T want to miss.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, thanks so much for reading!♥


  1. I really love all the bright coloured eyeshadow together!!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I got it to turn out, usually when I attempt to use more than 2 colors together it turns into a mess lol. :P


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