Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some new Wet N' Wild swatches

Hey everyone, Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were awesome. :)I had a a nice Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's with my family, with some crazy stuff in-between; sickness, travels, computer problems, and working, all of which conspired to make me unable to post much. I'm going to try and catch up on the last several weeks so bear with me! ;P
 For the first of my catch-up posts I bring you these swatches of 3 Wet N' Wild Mega Last lipsticks I bought recently. I love these lippies and have recently re-discovered how awesome they truly are.
(You should click the pics to see them best!)
 I got Cherry Picking, Red Velvet, and Purty Persimmon. Thankfully they all have the names on the stickers; I have an impossible time trying to keep them straight with just numbers.
With flash, left to right: Cherry Picking, Red Velvet, Purty Persimmon. (Taken with my Canon Rebel.)
With flash, L to R: Cherry Picking, Red Velvet, Purty Persimmon. (Taken with a Canon Elph.)
No flash, L to R: Cherry Picking, Red Velvet, Purty Persimmon. (Canon Elph again.)
 Shade descriptions:

-Cherry Picking: This is my favorite of the bunch and one of my top faves of all the Mega Last Lipsticks I own, I'm thrilled to finally have it! It's a gorgeous cranberry red with lots of pink in it. The color looks slightly sheerer in the middle of the swatch but I think that's because I'd already worn it on my lips before I swatched it, so the middle was a bit worn down.
I love these types of pinkish-reds. I think this shade would look beautiful on anybody in any season.

-Red Velvet: I got this one because it was there, and I still have this impulse to buy every red I see lol. This one is a light red that might be nice for folks who are a bit afraid of the color. When I was swatching them all for the first time, this shade appeared to have a slightly sheerer, balmier texture than the other two. It would probably make a nice stain.

-Purty Persimmon: I got this one because I'm also kind of into orange lip products lately; this shade is a very bold orange-coral-red, probably more orange than red but definitely more wearable than 24 Carrot which is a lighter carrot orange. My sister wore Purty Persimmon to a party the other day and it looked stunning with her fair complexion, dark hair and eyes, and the teal eyeliner she was wearing.

All three shades are crazy-pigmented, which is what I adore about these Mega Last lipsticks; there's so much color packed into these tubes for so little cash, you really get bang for your buck.
Me wearing Cherry Picking; looks slightly darker in person, the flash brightens it up a bit. Please excuse my otherwise bare face :)
That's it for this post! I definitely plan to buy every single shade in this line, except maybe the dark brown one. I also want to do a huge swatch-o-rama of all my Mega Last lippies once I can get lip swatches of them all.
Thanks so much for reading and please stay tuned for more posts!


  1. Oooh these look lovely <3 I can't wait to pick some up when I go to the US this summer!

  2. The Rebel really does produce such gorgeous saturated colors....

    Wet N Wild really makes excellent lipsticks - better than some of the luxe brands I think. Love the Purty Persimmon!

    1. Yes it does, I love my camera<3 It's a little awkward for arm swatches though lol.

      They do, I really don't think I can avoid buying them all.. >.<
      I have to get Becky to post a pic of her wearing Purty Persimmon, it looked fabulous on her!

  3. Cherry picking is so pretty and it looks gorgeous on you! :D

  4. happy new year!!!
    very nice colors.thanks for sharing.I need to collect some of wnw lipsticks too.


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