Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Favorites: My top 3 false lashes

I don't normally do favorites posts but I thought it would be fun to post my top 3 favorite pairs of false lashes for you guys :) These are lashes I've used in several looks and have either repurchased or plan to repurchase. Keep reading for the details!
photo from shop.beautybar.com.ph via google
 First up are the Andrea modlash lashes in 33 Black. This was my very first pair of lashes and I found them very easy to use as a lash noob. They're extremely dense, full, and dark, perfect for a super dramatic look. The band is black with no light plastic showing through which is great for blending right into black eyeliner on your lid. They're inexpensive, around $3-$5 from practically any drugstore or beauty supply store. I can probably get around 15 looks out of one pair before I want to replace them.
Here are some past looks I've done using these lashes:
As you can see, I've used them a lot. This is one of the pairs I have repurchased before and plan to buy again when my current pair is worn out. :)
Photo from cincottachemist.com.au via google
Now we have the Ardell Demi Wispies in Black: Ardell has these lashes listed under Best Sellers on their website, and they have quickly worked their way up to my #1 favorite pair of falsies for versatility and ease of use. I can use these in any type of look, from dramatic to natural, and they always look beautiful. (You can see a brief video of me wearing/discussing them here.) Since they're so easy to use, my sister Abby also loves them!
Abby has used them in several looks:
As have I:
When I want to wear lashes out to an event, this is the pair I reach for. I don't have trouble wearing them all day long. :)
photo from baronepharmacy.com.au via google
Last but not least are the Ardell 139 Black lashes. This is yet another readily available pair of falsies which can be found in most any drugstore or beauty supply store for around $3-$5. What I like about these lashes is that they give a bit of a fantasy effect to your look. They're dense and black at the band and fan out into spiky lashes which are longest in the middle. They're not the most comfortable to wear all day, especially if your eyes have a very round shape, as the band on these is fairly straight and not very flexible, but for fun looks I think they're a great pair to have in your collection. I plan to buy a few more pairs to have around since these are also a favorite of both my sisters :)
Some looks:

So there you have it, my most-used false lashes. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was helpful to you. I plan to keep these 3 styles around and continue using them in makeup looks :)
As a bonus pic, here are my sister and me in NYC after IMATS this past Spring; she's wearing the 139 Black lashes and I'm wearing my beloved Demi Wispies:
Thanks for reading!

*All products were purchased myself. All opinions are my own.


  1. When I see these pictures, I'm in love <3 I simply loooove your make up looks! And all these lashes are so pretty!


  2. I think i might have to get all of those lashes :D!!! especially loved the last ones :)!!

  3. Amazing lashes! Sadly, I suck at falsies.


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