Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 24: Quick Wet N' Wild lip swatch

 It's Day 24 and I'm afraid all I have time for is a quick lip swatch of this lipcolor I tried out today; it's "24 Carrot Gold" from Wet N' Wild. (I only just got the name for this.. until now it never made sense to me, lol.)
This lippie is literally a bright carrot orange! (You can see arm swatches here.) It's quite creamy and pigmented; in my swatch it may look a bit sheerer and shiny because I applied it over lipbalm. You can see the dry patches on my lips really stand out with this shade so you will want to exfoliate and maybe prime your lips to get the best results from this one. Using it with a lipliner would probably also help.

I will admit it's not my favorite shade in my collection, but it is nice to have as a novelty for makeup looks. Actually, after taking this swatch, I blotted some of the color off with a tissue and reapplied some lipbalm and the result was a bright orangey-coral stain. It was much more wearable this way so that might be something to try if you're afraid of the vivid color.
All in all I'd say if you're looking for a true orange lippie, you should try this one out. It's inexpensive and would make a nice addition to your collection :) I think I want to try pairing this with other colors to find a wearable combination. Maybe use it with a pink liner or gloss? ;)
On another note, the azaleas are in full bloom around my house! This photo dulls the colors but they're a much deeper more vivid shade of fuchsia, almost too bright to look at. Aren't they pretty?<3

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  1. i actually quite freaking love the color, so nice!

  2. I honestly am not a huge fan of tangerine/orange lip colors but this is really gorgeous with your skin tone, and for the price it's definitely nice to have in the collection!

    1. For sure! Probably if I tried it on with some foundation and stuff I'd like it more. I always like lipstick better on me when I'm wearing other makeup as well, haha. ;)

  3. Lovely color :) It looks juicy

  4. Orange is so lovely against your skin tone!


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