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Review: mark. Juice Gems (an old favorite)

 I don't talk about mark much and I'm not really sure why. I think it's partly because I'm a Rep and I don't want to seem like a self-promoter (even though that's the whole point of being a Rep... lol). I got started with mark back in 2008 when I was just getting really into makeup, and actually mark had a lot to do with me becoming a makeup and beauty blogger. I bought a ton of mark makeup that first year but have since moved on to explore and try new brands and products.

However, there are some favorite mark gems (no pun intended) that have stayed with me through the years, and one of those is Juice Gems gloss:
These are my glosses; the second tube from the right has some gum on it from keeping it in my purse so much. Two things I always have in my purse, gloss and gum! ;)
One of the things I'm not as fond of about mark is that they are always introducing new products and discontinuing old ones, which means something you fall in love with may not be available next month. (This always happens to me!)
Thankfully though, these glosses seem to be part of the permanent line since I first tried them in 2008 and they're still available today, though I only saw 3 out of 4 of these shades on the site. I've owned and used more than these 4 you see pictured but these are my favorite ones.
With flash, left to right: Raspberry, Cherry Pop, Pomegranate, and Snow Peach.
No flash.
The flash picture is more accurate color-wise but neither is completely true-to-life. There's no sun today to get a perfect picture but these give a good enough idea. 

Product info:

-Raspberry: Dark raspberry shade, more berry-toned than seen in the pictures. (On my lips it doesn't look this red, not sure why it shows red in the pictures.) I especially love this color for Fall/Winter since it gives a beautiful berry lip.
-Cherry Pop: Bright red-orange with copper sparkles, very pretty alone or over another lipcolor.
-Pomegranate: Bright coral pink, my #1 favorite go-to gloss for Spring/Summer!
-Snow Peach has a barely noticeable peachy tone.
-Honeydew (not pictured): A very pale, slightly pinkish gloss with tiny sparkles.
-Fig (not pictured): A sheer shimmery tan color that was mostly shimmer/sparkles, I think.
-Papaya (not pictured): A sheer pale lilac pink.

Opacity - They are all sheer to semi-sheer glosses:
-Raspberry is probably the most pigmented here, it does give a very nice berry hue to the lips.
-Pomegranate is probably second most pigmented; I use it when I want a bright pop of color that looks fresh and natural.
-Cherry Pop isn't very pigmented, it just gives a slight reddish orange tint to the lips, but the sparkles really stand out. (They can get a little gritty if you reapply this gloss many times throughout the day but it's not horrible.)
-Snow Peach isn't very strong on my pigmented lips, it just looks mostly clear; if you have very light lips naturally, it might give the slightest hint of peachy color.

Smell - Each has a smell corresponding to the shade/name/fruit:
-Raspberry smells and tastes like raspberry. I really love this scent/flavor, one of my favorites of all the Juice Gems.
-Cherry Pop: I love the way this gloss smells, like cherry, but not the cough syrup kind of cherry scent that some glosses have. (NYX glosses, for example, which I personally love but some people say it smells like cough syrup and hate it.) This gloss smells like cherry jam or cherry pie, slightly tart and yummy.
-Pomegranate: Also one of my favorite scents but hard to describe.. I guess it smells fruity and sweet, like a fruity candy maybe? Delicious...
-Snow Peach: It smells like peaches; if you've ever had this drink refreshing peach water, it smells exactly like that!
-Honeydew: I think I squealed when i first smelled this one; it smells obviously like melon, but more heavenly. Heavenly melon, lol♥
-Fig: I don't remember what Fig smelled like. Sorry!
-Papaya: I forget what this one smelled like also, I just remember I didn't care for it because I thought it smelled a bit perfumey.
(They do have a bit of a taste but I find it pleasant and it does fade after a little while.)

These glosses are a little thick and a little sticky; I've never tried MAC lip glass but I'd imagine it might be sort of similar. I know people either love or hate the stickiness of MAC glosses. For me, the stickiness of these Juice Gems helps to seal in the moisture and keep it on my lips. These glosses last a long time, even through eating and drinking. I like them in Winter when my lips have trouble staying supple, and I even use these overnight sometimes when my lips are really dry; I just rub on some chapstick or coconut oil and then layer on a little of this gloss, and it doesn't wear off by morning. Stickiness also means my lips stay shiny even after the gloss part has worn off, making my lips look full and pretty longer than a regular gloss.

-$7.50 for .05 FL OZ from a mark. Rep or mark.'s website. Feel free to use my Rep link if you order:
(They also often give these out as GWP or do deals like buy two Juice Gems and get one free.)

Final thoughts:
-I love these glosses because they give that super shiny, wet "juicy lips" effect with just a hint of color. They look great on their own or amazing over a lipcolor.  They also smell and taste amazing and supposedly have real fruit extracts to condition your lips. A tube is .05 FL OZ which is I think about the size of any standard lipgloss tube these days. They last a long time since you don't need to use much on your lips. I've repurchased before and I'll repurchase again since these have been a longtime favorite of mine for the last 5 years. I love them♥

Thanks for reading!

*Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


  1. Oh I have Cherry Pop! It's gorgeous! :D The other colors seem really great too!

    I agree, the only part I don't like is that it's sticky. Wind would blow, and my hair would be immediately stuck to my lips lol


    1. Haha yes, that can happen! I don't spend too much time outside so thankfully it doesn't happen to me a lot. I guess if I were going to be walking around out in the wind I'd probably want to wear a non-sticky gloss x3
      Thanks for your comment!<3

    2. I actually experience the hair-stuck-to-lips phenomenon no matter what gloss I wear :/ So I just kind of deal with it now haha

      And no problem! :D

    3. Aww, haha.. hazards of being beautiful, I guess! :/

    4. Haha agreed!

      Another hazard...rubbing your eyes forgetting that you have mascara on :/ I'm always paranoid I'll end up looking like Cleopatra...

    5. Ohh yes, been there! And even the reverse; really wanting to rub my eyes but avoiding it because I think I'm wearing mascara, even when I'm actually not. (Not as bad but still, lol)

    6. Ahaha, I've done that too! Ohhhh first world problems ;)

  2. Years I used to love all lip balms and lip glosses that smelled & tasted delicious! Then I started getting allergic to some ingredients - don't know which one - and haven't been able to wear anything on my lips except very basic lip balm .. :(

    1. Aww :( I'm currently going through a skin crisis, my skin is getting dried out by even the simplest cleanser and lotion. Definitely no fun :(


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