Monday, January 14, 2013

BFTE Sample Sale swatches

 I know I just posted a BFTE Cosmetics swatch post recently but I just received these today and couldn't wait to share them. xD
This is my order from their sample sale last weekend; I hadn't actually officially ordered since last March (gasp!) so I definitely had to take advantage of this sale! I also took the opportunity to redeem the prizes I won from posting looks to their page for their 365 contest. (RIP 365.. I guess there won't be a contest this year. You were fun while you lasted.♥)

On to the swatches! Please click to view in full detail!
Full size jars I got free from the 365 contest! (Sample bags were also swatched for comparison.)
Flash, left to right: Princess, Unleashed, Cool Mist, Splash, Glimpse, Rogue, Poison Ivy, Kiss The Frog.
No flash: Poolside (for comparison), Princess, Unleashed, Cool Mist, Splash, Glimpse, Rogue, Poison Ivy, Kiss The Frog, Secret Garden, Sassafras (added for comparison).
-Princess: Light frosty pink with a tiny hint of peachiness to it.
-Unleashed: Pale frosty seafoam, more green than Poolside.
-Cool Mist: Light frosty grey-green with a hint of sparkle. Reminds me a little of Journey but much less metallic and sparkly.
-Splash: Light blue with light green sheen. (This was a limited color from a few months ago, it's not on the site anymore.)
-Glimpse: A metallic antique gold. (Sorry, my color description skills don't extend past that simple description lol. It's really pretty though!)
-Rogue: A shimmery rusty-copper with blue sparkles! (Another limited color that's not on the site.)
-Poison Ivy: An olivey green with gold shimmer, so gorgeous! (Another limited color that's not on the site.)
-Kiss The Frog: A matte greenish-brown, a very nice earthy tone. Makes me think of forests from some epic story like LOTR or something. (Random, I know lol.)
-Secret Garden: A metallic greenish goldish brownish color, similar to Sassafras but slightly more brown.
Closeup of Secret Garden and Sassafras; pretty close but SG is more brown and Sassafras is more green.
Samples #1, yellows and browns..
With flash: Clara, Spirit, Myan, Long Way Down, 9 to 5, Golden Age, Pumped.
No flash.
-Clara: A light yellow-gold with shimmery sparkles. I want to swatch it with Guipure to see how it compares but I think Clara might be brighter and a tad less glittery. I love this color ♥
-Spirit: Saw this on the site a while ago and was intrigued; it's a lightly frosty yellow-tan with pale aqua sparkles. Pretty unique shade.
-Myan: Oh my gosh. Why oh why didn't I get this color sooner? It's the most gorgeous bright metallic yellow-gold you can imagine. I should have gotten a full jar. I shall get a full jar. It's so gorgeous. ♥♥
-Long Way Down: BFTE's site calls it a "camel brown" and I guess that's accurate. Kind of caramel-y; applied a bit darker to my arm but that might be because of the lotion I rub on my skin. Really nice matte neutral, would look amazing on blue eyes!
-9 to 5: BFTE's site says "Dark nude brown with pink undertones and slight sheen", which is pretty accurate, although I guess the combination of brown and pink makes this color appear quite red to me. Really nice unique color. The words "slight sheen" are music to my ears :)
-Golden Age: A sparkly antique gold that pulls more orangey brown than green. To me it even seems to have a tinge of pink to it. Super pretty, one of my favorites in this whole batch.
-Pumped: To me this color seems like a metallic coppery brown that leans a little cooler, like taupey, but still manages to stay on the warm side. (Not sure if that makes sense, I'm making this up as I go lol.)
No flash, closeup of Long Way Down, 9 to 5, Golden Age and Pumped.
Samples #2, blues and a random green...
With flash: Tinker, Breeze, Faded, Blue Pacific, Blue Bayou, Message in a Bottle.
No flash.
-Tinker: A light matte periwinkle blue.
-Breeze: Pale frosted baby blue, looks almost metallic.
-Faded: From the Denim and Lace collection, this color is like faded blue jeans. A midtone bluish grey with a slight sheen. Very smooth and silky.
-Blue Pacific: A super sparkly, sheer bright blue.
-Blue Bayou: A midtone aqua blue with low shimmer.
-Message in a Bottle: A matte, deep green. Really does remind one of antique dark green glass bottles. 
Samples #3: Peaches and pinks...
With flash: Meow, Peachy, Single Girl, Chenille, Dusty Rose, Aruba.
No flash.
-Meow: BRIGHT light peachy orange color. The camera didn't even capture how bright this color looks.
-Peachy: Frosty pinky-peachy color.
-Single Girl: Midtone matte melon, pretty!
-Chenille: Beautiful light shiny delicate pink.
-Dusty Rose: Rosey neutral, shimmery but not glittery. Really pretty.
-Aruba: Pink-toned brown, like brown clay. Matte. More brown than Single Girl.
Samples #4: Purple and pink..
With flash: Thistle, Simply Me, Royalty, Lollipop Kid, Hope Lives.
No flash.
-Thistle: Warm-toned pale frosty lavender.
-Simply Me: Light violet with visible blue sheen.
-Royalty: Dark blue-toned purple with some silver sparkles.
-Lollipop Kid: Shimmery magenta purple.
-Hope Lives: Midtone candy pink, almost matte with some slight sheen and pink sparkle. Very silky and pigmented.
And finally, the rest of my 365 prize full jars. These are colors I already had samples of but loved the color and needed full jars.♥
After I took the sticker seals off and tapped a little into the lids to swatch. (I didn't have enough brushes clean for all these colors so I just used my fingers.)
With flash: Grape, Spank Me, Melon, Envy, Cornflower.
No flash.
-Grape: Perfect midtone purple.
-Spank Me: Dark burgundy with slight metallic sheen.
-Melon: Bright melon, almost matte with slight hot pink sheen.
-Envy: Medium bright shimmery green with some sparkle. Nice shade, not too warm or too cool.
-Cornflower: Perfect lightly frosty baby blue.♥

Yay for giant hauls! Haha. I seriously have so much eyeshadow, I don't know if I'll ever use it all but I'm going to try. Part of the fun for me is doing these swatches and compiling a library for people to use as a reference when shopping for that perfect color.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these swatches! You can also find them on my Facebook page, plus many more swatches from BFTE Cosmetics and other brands too.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I also love BFTE! I don't have so many e/s like you do. I would've if I hadn't stopped myself on time. Those really are highly addictive.

    1. I know what you mean... I'm not supposed to be buying eyeshadow since I have so much but I could not resist this sale. It was meant to be! ;)

  2. I just got may samples too, I love the colors you got!!!

    1. Me too! I'm so happy with everything but then I always am with BFTE. :)

  3. The peaches look amazing paired together in a swatch overload.
    I think my collection could use more peaches,I seem to have too many golds.

    1. I was really into peaches with this order, not sure why lol :)


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