Friday, December 7, 2012

New BFTE Cosmetics limited holiday collection swatches!

 It's that time again: brand new Holiday 2012 collections from BFTE Cosmetics! These collections are limited and probably won't be available after this so get them while you can!
Check out swatches below; don't forget to click the pics!!

Naughty or Nice: Miss Conduct collection
Naughty or Nice: Miss Behavior collection
Here are all the colors swatched dry on bare, lotioned skin. With flash.
 The colors are beautiful, both individually and as a collection. The concept means you can use either collection to create a look that's either Naughty or Nice, depending on your mood. 
Even though they aren't typical "holiday" colors, I think they work well together; you should be able to use all three colors from either set to create several beautiful looks, or mix and match for even more options. ;)
I kept trying to do this brown justice but it's so hard to photograph!
A deep matte blue with lots of gold and silver sparkles give this color an almost teal appearance, especially when used with a sticky base. The second color is a pretty patina green with a satin finish and some gold sparkles. The last color is very complex; a dark grayish-brown base, almost leaning purple, that blends out to a mostly matte lighter brown with a rusty bronze sheen and sparse blue sparkles. It's really interesting and pictures don't do it justice.
These were swatched over Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. The first color is a dark almost black base with tons of light violet-blue sparkles; as you can see, when used over the glitter glue the sparkles give it an extremely bright metallic appearance. The second color is a dusty mauve with a touch of plum in the base; it has a satin finish and some gold sparkles. It's a very pretty neutral. The third color is a gray-tinged white with plenty of sparkle, quite unique to my collection.
Most of these shades looked different from every angle so I tried to capture the nuances of each one. Try to see the blue sparkles in the brown color, they're there but hard to pick up on camera. They're a little more noticeable in person but not much, they just give a subtle effect.
All colors did well over the glitter glue; I was surprised at how well the brown shade performed since it's mostly matte, but the glue really brought out the sheen in it!
Now they're swatched over NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil.

Trying to capture the complexities in the brown shade.
I don't know the individual names of these eyeshadows yet but the collections should be being released even as I type this, so head over to and get yours! I believe they are $18 each and come in a sweet little box.
If I had to choose favorites, off the bat I'd probably say the pink, green, and brown. I think they'd look amazing used together in a look! 
Which are your favorites? Are you planning to pick up a set?

*Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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