Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 19: Chinovi Cosmetics review and swatches!

The owner Vanessa sends candy with orders; I got a Watermelon Airhead but I ate it. I love watermelon ^___^
Hey there! It's Day 19 and I am SUPER excited about today's post! Today I will show you one of my latest hauls from a brand new company called Chinovi Cosmetics.
I stumbled on the owner's blog many months ago when she was still formulating colors, so you could say I've had an interest in this company from the very beginning. Chinovi recently had it's webstore's grand opening and after reading a review by a blogger friend RAVING about the products, I simply had to order some.
Having swatched all these colors myself I can now say I understand what the hubbub was about; I just love these eyeshadows. They are beautiful and amazing in a way that defies words, so please just look at the swatches or even better- order some and see!
Get ready for a LOT of pictures.. I'm talking TONS and TONS of swatch and product shots. Remember to click on them to view the sparkles up close, and most importantly- enjoy ;)
I got the 13 sample set; I actually prefer baggies but the set of 8 wasn't enough for me lol. These clamshells are really adorable though, I just love the look of them.<3
Natural light, swatched dry on bare lotioned skin in same order as photo above. L to R: Hiccup, Candy <3, Princess, Sunset, Bubble, First Day, Business, Meltdown, Alien, Denial, Kettle, Divine, Smoke Out, Party.
Hiccup, Candy <3, Princess, Sunset, Bubble, First Day, Business, Meltdown.
Business, Meltdown, Alien, Denial, Kettle, Divine, Smoke Out, Party.
With flash
Natural light
Hiccup, Candy <3, Princess, Sunset, Bubble
Sunset, Bubble, First Day, Business, Meltdown
Business, Meltdown, Alien, Denial, Kettle, Divine
Alien, Denial, Kettle, Divine, Smoke Out, Party
Divine, Smoke Out, Party
I love all the colors! Ordering was a bit tough since the site doesn't have swatches or descriptions yet, but I think the owner will be adding those soon. All I had to go on were a few blogger reviews and the little product pictures on the website. Some were more accurate than others, for instance Divine is darker than it looked on the site, Sunrise is more orangey in person, and Alien is greener than shown. Most of the colors I got were ones I'd seen swatches of on Sam's blog so I pretty much knew what to expect. (I recommend viewing the Reviews section of the site for swatches.)
I chose mostly neutral type shades because I tend to go for the brights every time, hehe. Next time I order I'll be including some greens, blues, and purples for sure.

Each color swatched well on my skin, none were patchy or chalky. They all have just the right amount of shimmer/sheen/sparkle, though none are matte. I'm not sure if she makes mattes or not, but that would be interesting to try.

One thing I was particularly pleased with was the bases of these shadows; I'm used to darker colors having very dark matte bases, usually referred to as "blackened" colors, and I've never been a fan of those. I figured the 3 in the last picture (Divine, Smoke Out, and Party) would be no exception but I was happy to find that these seem to be different. I'm so excited to finally find a dark teal that doesn't have a dark matte base! I think it makes the color much prettier and myself much more likely to use it.
I shots of each color individually, as well as each clamshell front/back/open views. Each one has the name and shade printed on the lid, and a sticker on the back with indredients and whether it's vegan/lip safe. Awesome! There are too many to post them all here though so as soon as I post this I'm going to upload all the pics together on my Facebook page so be sure to check them out! My review continues there ;D

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out Chinovi Cosmetics, and also check out the other beauty bloggers doing this 90 day challenge; the links are over there--->


  1. Thank you for posting so many pictures! So helpful! Hiccup, Bubble, Business, and Smoke Out look very much like colors I would like! (I like boring colors hehe)

  2. Lot of soft, gentle colors with some that just "pop" yet are super wearable for everyday. :-)


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