Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 18: Hot Pink FOTD

It's day 18, yay! Today I was playing with a few new products; I tried out my new Mehron creme foundation which I bought at IMATS, but I applied it with a sponge which I never do for the very reason that I can never get makeup to look good using a sponge. :( So the foundation ended up looking awful, but I'm hoping I can play with it some more and maybe find that magical application technique for it.
I also tried out my new NYX Hot Pink lipliner which I like a lot. It's a vibrant warm pink and I feel it's a little lighter and fresher than fuchsia, for instance. I paired it with a minimal eye, (just a bit of black liner and mascara), pink cheeks, and highlighter.

Here are some awkward lip swatches of Hot Pink lipliner; you will need to enlarge them to view the colors accurately.
With flash; I applied chapstick before the lipliner so that's why my lips look a little shiny.
No flash; my lips aren't quite this crooked, it's just impossible for me to take a photo at a straight angle lol.
Products used:
-Mehron Celebre Pro HD creme foundation in Light3
-mark. powder
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On liner in Zero
-Cover Girl Lash Perfection mascara in Very Black
-Darling Girl Cosmetics blush in Man Candy
-BFTE Butt Naked (highlight)
-NYX lipliner in Hot Pink
-OCC Lip Tar in Anime

After I took the lipliner pics I tried on Anime over top to see how it would look. It's so bright, I love it. The sample my friend sent me is almost dried up.. why didn't I buy myself a tube of this at IMATS? :(

Hot pink goodness with an awesome name<3
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*Disclaimer: Some or all images were LIGHTLY edited using Aperture; for details, please read the photo editing disclosure widget at the bottom of my right-side bar.


  1. Anime looks so nice with you're skin tone! What color do you use to fill in your brows? I've been looking for the perfect eyebrow color for awhile, and we seem to have similar hair/skin coloring. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! My brows weren't filled in this post but when I fill them I usually just use some brown eyeshadow from a palette or something. Sorry that's not much help, lol. :( I'm still looking for the perfect brow filler.

  2. lOVE your fuschia lips! You look so pretty!


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