Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Colorful Winter Wonderland: Becky's look

*My sister Becky and I entered a makeup contest on Makeuptalk.com; the theme was "Colorful Winter Wonderland"! This is a post about Becky's look; she wrote the following for me to include on my blog :)*
Starting out with NYX "Milk" pencil as a base, I then used the "Oyster" jumbo pencil to map out my purple area, tracing 2/3 of my crease and up and around down to my under-eye. I filled in that scissor shape with the pencil and then dabbed BFTE "Starstruck" over it heavily. Then I took BFTE "Envy" and lightly brushed it along my inner corner and up over my brow-bone. (I didn't want it too bright because it's supposed to be snowy.) Then, taking BFTE "Tickle Me" I traced the crease and around to my wing. Careful not to cover the bottom of my upper lid, I added more Envy right in the center to give it shine. Added more Tickle me to deepen the color, added BFTE "Grace" to blend the crease a little more, and a little to the inner corner. Finally added another dimension by putting Spellbound over Tickle Me in the crease and outer corner around the wing. This really made the Envy pop.
After this I added BFTE "Illusion" to my eyebrows and as an eyeliner on my top lash line and bottom water line.
I added BFTE "Whisper" all around the eye and a dash of "Way Up High" to add some more frost on my cheek as well. Then I used some clear mascara and a mixture of white glitter and holographic glitter on top of the Envy, on my lashes, and on my cheekbones.
Blending blending blending.
Finished it off with a mark. berry pink lip gloss. Tada!
Side note: using a white cream eyeshadow I highlighted my eye area with a subtle touch (not to make a mask) but to give it a frost. On my nose, cheekbones, between my eyes, and around my eyebrows. Careful not to be too prominent.
 My own post will be coming up soon ;) Thanks for reading!<3

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