Friday, March 25, 2011

Sexy Purple and Pink using BFTE

All pics are "clickable"! :D
Hey guys, I'm finally getting around to posting the "tutorial" some of you asked for! Sorry I'm so late on this; it's been almost a week but I've been under the weather again lately, and also having computer problems. Fun fun fun ;)
So this is the look I posted last week on BFTE's Facebook page, using of course all BFTE pigments. :) I didn't take pics of every step, sadly.. but I'll try my best to go over what I did so those of you who like to duplicate can go to it! (If you'd like to see the review I did of these specific colors, go here!)

Products I used:

-CS concealer palette (lightest pink shade on dark circles)
Beauty from the Earth eyeshadows in:
-Sweet n' Spicy (lid)
-Midnight Kisses (crease, liner)
-Butt Naked (highlight)
-Loreal Carbon Black liquid liner pen
-Shu Uemura lash curler
-Maybelline The Colossal mascara in Classic Black
-Andrea Modlash false lashes

-mark. Eyemarker in Java
-medium brown shadow from CS 88 matte palette

That's all! Now I'll try to explain step by step what I did a little bit, so if you're interested, keep reading!
Don't do what I did and apply pigment AFTER you've applied your mascara/falsies... major fallout collection. >.< Well, unless you like sparkly lashes :)
1. After priming, I used a wet brush to apply Midnight Kisses, (deep blue-purple), to my crease area, starting small and then blending out. (Be careful not to blend too much yet! It can be easy to accidentally let a dark color like Midnight Kisses take over your whole eye space before you know it, hehe.)
2. I deliberately stayed a little above my actual crease fold. When I had roughly the shape I wanted, I used a clean blending brush to blend out the edges. Then I patted a little dry Midnight Kisses over the outer crease area for more depth.
3. Next I mixed a drop or two of BFTE Mix & Fix with some Sweet n' Spicy, (frosty light peachy-pink), and applied wet to my lid. I need more practice with this stuff, I accidentally used too much and the shadow was too wet. When I applied it to my lid it kind of crinkled up and dried kind of cracked and flaky. I used the brush to try and blend out the foiled part to smooth it, then patted on some dry Sweet n' Spicy.
4. I lined my upper lashline with the liquid liner pen, winging it out, and then patted Midnight Kisses over it with an angled liner brush.  On my lower lashline I used Midnight Kisses dry by itself, no base or anything! You can see how pigmented it is. ;)
5. I used Butt Naked, (creamy off-white), dry, to blend out the edges of Midnight Kisses around my browbone, and used a tiny pencil/crease/detail brush to highlight my inner corner, taking it under my eye and out around the wing.
6. I curled my lashes, added some mascara to top and bottom, popped on my falsies, and voila!

Of course I tweaked a bit here and there, but that's roughly the way I did it lol. I tried to be thorough, but if you have any questions please let me know! :)
Here are a few more pics to show you how it looks on my face, taken in different lighting situations and with two different cameras:
I started doing both eyes, but got so sucked into the process and ended up finishing one eye first, so I didn't bother with the other one lol. I tried to cover the naked one with my hair so it wouldn't glare at you in the pictures. xD

Pay no attention to my skin... I usually try not to edit my pics before I post them, and I'm having bad skin time lately. :( But I think it helps to give the overall effect of the look when you can see the whole face, rather than just a cropped eye. ;)

Thank you so much for reading, and a special thanks to all my BFTE ladies for being so encouraging and lovely! You guys are my inspiration. <3
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. WOW! Great eyeshadow, I love the striking crease! Also, lol to the picture of the hair covering the one naked eye! :)

  2. Gorgeous! I love how you blended the ends... it's so pretty!

  3. This look is stunning! I love it!
    You look gorgeous on this pictures btw :)

  4. this is lovely! you look so pretty :)

  5. I adore these colors!!
    And the placement is spot on!!


  6. Way too pretty! Love the color pay off!

  7. Thanks so much for each of your comments ladies! <3

  8. May I add you look AMAZING with navy liner?
    Yup, it's true.

  9. I really like where you put the dark color. It makes a really neat shape

  10. @Kattatonic Fierceology Thanks! I stink at shape so I kind of tried to do something a little different this time lol. :)

  11. Wow, this look amazing. You are so talented :)

    Xoxo Christine

  12. This looks great on you! It reminds me a bit of a mod look. If I recreated this I would look so weird! I totally can't pull this look off! hahah =] By the way, if you have the time, please enter my giveaway!

  13. @Leenda Thank you! I'm sure you could, I think it would look awesome ;D

    Thanks, I entered! :)

  14. Thanks so much for your comment on my Charity Challenge post! It meant a lot to me! I wanted to make sure you would see this, so I came here and posted, as I wasn't sure if you would see it if I replied to your comment. I love this look by the way. :)

  15. @Kay Aw, thanks so much! I'm really glad you did. :)

  16. Such a gorgeous look! Great blog :))

  17. I love the colors you used! I can't do a cut crease to save my life lol.
    I don't really comment, but you are always using gorgeous colors. I'm starting to become more curious about BFTE because of you~

  18. @Onjel Thank you! I didn't really set out to do a cut crease, it just kind of happened lol. Most of the time I'm not really sure what I'm doing xD But yes, I do love BFTE, they have sooo many colors, I've barely even scratched the surface! It's so fun to play with colors, but I freak out when I try to do neutrals haha. I think I'm broken.. xD


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