Monday, March 21, 2011

Gorgeous BFTE colors! Photos+swatches!

 My latest from BFTE, likely to be my last BFTE haul for a bit but I had to get these colors!
L to R: Butt Naked(sample), Sweet n' Spicy(COTW), Midnight Kisses.
Butt Naked and Midnight Kisses are both from the Hot and Bothered Valentine's Day set, and were just recently added to the site for individual purchase. I'm so excited to finally have them! I only got a sample of Butt Naked, but I can already tell it's the perfect creamy highlighter. I have a feeling I'll use it up quickly. Midnight Kisses was the prize I chose for being BFTE 365 look #65, yay!
I got free sample baggies of Crystal and Silver, two colors I've been wanting to try. :)
 I also thought it was finally time to try out the infamous Mix & Fix. More on this later when I've tested it out better. ;)

On to swatches! (All swatches swatched on bare skin, prepped with a little Pond's cream. Almost all pics taken in natural light.)
Natural light.
Blurry flash pic :)
Sweet n' Spicy looks like a salmony coral-peach in the jar, but applies frosty so it will look a bit lighter after application. It's so pretty, I love it more than I thought I would! Midnight Kisses is a GORGEOUS deep blue-purple base with fine purple shimmer and tiny pink/purple sparkles. (Not glitter!) The base is almost matte, so the added shimmer/sparkle gives it depth.
Here you can sort of see the tiny sparkles in Midnight Kisses, and that Sweet n' Spicy is much frostier. Really love both of these colors!!
Natural light (I think..)
Butt Naked is a beautiful creamy shade with just the right amount of shimmer. Much lower shimmer than Crystal or Silver, but not at all matte. The site says it's supposed to be a shimmery version of Very Vanilla, which is why I wanted it so much! I hate overly shimmery highlighters, but this one is perfect. (Though I don't like the name, lol. I feel silly every time I type/say it!)

Crystal is supposed to be a silvery white with multicolored sparkles, but I have to say I couldn't really notice any multicolored sparkles. I didn't look too hard though, maybe I'll try it with the Mix & Fix and see if it brings them out. Silver is just that, a sparkly silver color. Both of these colors are very sparkly, enough that I probably won't use them dry too often because they're a little messy. These would probably be awesome foiled. (Btw, Crystal is the COTW this week, so if you like the pics and want to try it, head on over to BFTE's site to score a full-size jar for only $2!)

Direct sunlight, pretty sparkles!
 All in all, I love this haul! My favorites are Butt Naked, Sweet n' Spicy, and Midnight Kisses, they're all simply gorgeous! I did a look using all 3 colors, so I'll be posting about that separately soon since this post is already pretty long.
I also used the Mix & Fix, so I'll talk about that a little, but I really need more practice with it lol. All I can say is, YOU ONLY NEED ONE DROP! I learned the hard way, hehe. ;)
Cleo loves it too ;3
I'll leave you with Cleo, my curious paper-loving kitty! I was compiling all my old BFTE envelopes to throw away, and she came over and sat on them. She loves sitting on paper, weirdo. ;P
Have a good week everyone!


  1. Great pics, Emily! Now I want Butt Naked and Midnight Kisses xD

  2. OMG thats hilarious! My kitty does the same thing. Especially if im reading said papers. Its "pay attention to me" time. Haha! I just got the BFTE v-day collection too.. can't wait to try out my butt naked,I'd have to agree with you looks like the perfect highlight color. :D

  3. @Pepi Thank you! I would highly recommend them, they're really amazing. <3

  4. @MrsKittyKaBoom Haha exactly! She sat on them and then hunkered down for a nap, until I moved her lol.

    Awesome, I'm sure you're gonna enjoy it! I'm already in love with the two I have, and I have my sites set on the rest of the shades next. ;)

  5. The colours look gorgeous!! Thank you for the swatches! x

  6. Thanks for the review and swatches! Sweet n' Spicy looks beautiful.

  7. Nice review and swatches! I love your cat! It's so funny how they like to "help" with makeup!

  8. @Jennifae You're welcome! I'm really glad I got Sweet n' Spicy, it's such a nice color and it makes a great addition to my collection. :)

  9. awwww Cleo is so adorable <3
    Sweet n' spice looks amazing :)

    Xoxo Christine

  10. @Christine Hehe, thanks! She is out good little kitty :3

    It's a lovely color, I really like it. :)


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