Thursday, March 3, 2011

Past EOTDs featuring BFTE

Beauty from the Earth
Click for full-size!!
Products I used:

-W&W eyeliner pencil in Cool Green (as base on lid and lower lashline)
-BFTE Sour (lid, inner half)
-BFTE Tropical (lid, outer half)
-BFTE Emerald (upper lashline over eyeliner, outer half of lower lashline and winged out)
-BFTE Grassy (entire eye above crease)
-BFTE Lavish (inner half of lower lashline, browbone)
-BFTE Way Up High (brow highlight, inner corner)
-Loreal Carbon Black eyeliner pen (upper lashline)
-W&W black eye marker (lower lashline)
-Shu Uemura lash curler
-Maybelline Colossal regular formula mascara in Classic Black
-craft store rhinestones (I used Pixie Epoxy to temporarily keep them in place because I didn't have my lash glue lol)

-mark. Eyemarker in Java (discontinued)
-mark. I-Mark shadow in Espresso
My green look was chosen for BFTE 365, yay!I used damp brushes to apply these colors and i think it worked well. :) I really wanted to use false lashes but didn't have my lash glue. :(

Here's an old one, from around Valentine's Day; I was waiting for my new order to come!

Products I used:

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (I think I used this on my lid)
-BFTE Chaos (lid, inner half)
-BFTE Blueberry (lid, outer half)
-BFTE Blue Bird (outer V)
-BFTE Beautiful (browbone)
-BFTE Moonlight (lower lashline, inner half)
-Almay black liquid liner (upper lashline)
-Maybelline Falsies regular formula mascara in Glam Black

I applied these dry, mostly with my fingers lol. I think it looks like a Rocket Pop xD

It's almost Friday, yay! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


  1. I love the attention to detail...those jewels look great with the green eyeshadow! Also, now I want a rocket pop!

  2. I looooooooooove the green look!
    I cant wait to try it for St. Pattys day...
    You did a great job girl.
    Thanks for listing the products used.

  3. @Vulcan_Butterfly Aw thanks! :) Haha me too, Rocket Pops are awesome! Can't wait for summer now ;D

  4. OMG!! I LOOOOOOVE THE GREEN SHADOW! I love how you put those crystals on the side! Amazing job!

  5. I really love this eye look. I wanted this look all about the eyes so I went with a toned down lippy. I feel I should have used a nude instead of pink. I'm not diggin' the pink paired with the artist in sydney


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