Thursday, March 3, 2011

BFTE for V-Day? Yes please!

 I received this BFTE order on Valentine's Day but I'm just getting around to posting because I've been having annoying issues with my internet/network. :( It seems to be behaving better than usual now so fingers crossed I can get these posts done quick! ;D
I got 2 full-size jars: Stunning and Belle of the Ball. I chose BotB for my free jar from the BFTE 365 contest, and Stunning was the COTW. We voted for a "Mystery Color", not knowing what it was, and it turned out to be this brand new hot pink/fuchsia which is absolutely gorgeous! I also got some samples, including shades from the Wizard of Oz-some collection.

My thoughts:

-Stunning is a gorgeous hot pink/fuchsia shade. It has low shimmer, but it also looks like it has some very tiny gold shimmer/sparkles. It has a little depth, but not much; it's just a straight bright beautiful color that really is stunning!

-If I Only Had a Brain is like a tan-gold, quite shimmery and a bit metallic. As with the other shimmery colors here, flash brings out multicolored sparkles which aren't really visible to the naked eye. It's from the Wizard of Oz-some collection, all of which are now available individually on BFTE's site.
This is a nice color which I'll probably use for a look soon, maybe with other neutrals. I also think it looks nice next to Stunning. <3

-Courage is a burnt coppery-orange, very shimmery and also a bit metallic. Also from the Wizard of Oz-some collection.

-Yellow Brick Road is a bright yet pale, mostly matte yellow. It has a pearly finish and is highly pigmented. I really like it! Also from the Wizard of Oz-some collection.

-Tropical is an interesting color; it seems like it can't make up it's mind between a shimmery blue-teal, and a matte medium yellow-green. In my pics it looks a little patchy because of the way I swatched it, but it's a very nice low-shimmer color. I used it in a recent eye look, which you can see here.

-Have a Heart is a very shimmery metallic silver. When photographed with flash there appear to be multicolored sparkles in it, but they're not really visible in real life.

-Harmony was my free sample baggie this time and I love it! It's one of those colors I almost bought, but changed my mind in favor of something else. I'm so glad I got to try it!
In person it looks like an almost-matte blue-grey; when swatched and blended out, you can see tiny tiny blue sparkles. This color is very sheer and seems like it might be a little tricky to apply and get it to look just right, but it's so pretty I'm definitely going to try. ;)

-Belle of the Ball is a simple, muted matte purple. It's COMPLETELY matte, but very finely milled so it's totally smooth and silky in texture. I thought this would be nice for a purple smokey eye, or a crease color for a purple look. You could also probably use it over eyeliner.

That's it for this order, enjoy the pics! (Don't forget to click each one for more detailed view!)


  1. There soooo pretty!!
    I think I might have to order some soon!!


  2. @Gone2RehabBRB Yesss! I love rainbow colors, so I just naturally arrange them that way xD

  3. Oh my *-*
    They're really pretty <3


  4. 'Have a heart' is really pretty! I love how shimmery it is and it's so pigmented too! What's not to love?!


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