Thursday, March 10, 2011

BFTE Haul+EOTD "Desert"

Latest BFTE haul! I ordered the brand new Liquid Luster, a foiling agent kind of like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy which I also got recently. I'd like to do a comparison review soon!
(With flash) Top: Guipure from the Denim and Lace collection. Bottom: Patriot, 7 Seas, and Truffle.
(Natural light)
As always, swatched on bare skin prepped with just a little Pond's cream, in direct sunlight through the window! I think these swatches turned out perfect, this is how the colors really look :)
Perfect bright turquoise green, totally matte. It looks a bit sheer in this pic, probably because I didn't use enough for the swatch. I think it is a little on the sheerer side, though.
GORGEOUS deep matte blue, sooo pretty. I can't wait to use this as eyeliner to make my brown eyes pop! I chose this as my free full-size for my second 365 Days of BFTE prize. :D (I was chosen for 365 with my green look, see it here!)
This was the COTW, I voted for it and I'm so glad it won! I really needed a warm medium matte brown, and this is perfect.
Someone else on the Facebook page said they'd gotten Guipure as their free sample baggie and I was really hoping I would too! It's a beautiful bright creamy yellow gold shade, quite shimmery and striking. It's from the Denim and Lace collection so it's not available for individual purchase right now. *Edit-4-4-11* As of a few days ago, this color is now available for individual purchase on! Yay :)
This is the look I did to try out all my new colors; click to enlarge for more detail!
Products I used:

-NYX JEP in Milk (very light layer just on lid)
-BFTE 7 Seas (lid)
-BFTE Sweet Nibblets (lid, inner third)
-BFTE Truffle (crease)
-BFTE Patriot (outer v, outer lower lashline)
-BFTE $10 Pineapple (inner corner; I meant to use Guipure but I accidentally mixed up my samples and didn't realize until days later.. oops!)
-BFTE Very Vanilla (browbone)
-Wet N Wild pencil in Deep Blue (outer lower lashline, under Patriot)
-Almay brown liquid liner (upper lashline)
-Maybelline Colossal washable mascara in Classic Black

I used what was leftover on my brow brush to fill my brow, I guess it was a mixture of mark. Java pencil and Espresso shadow.
Loose mattes are still a bit tricky for me but they're so lovely I really wanna get the hang of it lol. I have another order on it's way so watch for another post soon! ;)


  1. These colors look really nice together.


  2. Love the blue and brown together. I take it the brown is very orangy?
    And do these go on blotchy being mattes 'n stuff?

  3. @JordanMayTwigs Thanks, I thought so too! Lucky thing I ordered all colors that looked good together so I could use them all in a look hehe ;)

  4. @Gone2RehabBRB It's on the orange side, yeah. It's a very warm shade, I really like it. I didn't notice any blotchiness, I think they apply fine, though maybe not as easily as smoother shimmery shadows? I dunno I guess it can depend on how experienced you are with loose mattes. I'm not that good at applying loose mattes yet, or loose shadows in general really haha. I'm more of a pressed kind of girl, but I'm learning! ;D

  5. Patriot is AMAZING *_*
    Love it!
    The look is great, very colorful (:

  6. Have you tried the Liquid Luster yet? Do you like yes/no? I can't wait for the review! I haven't gotten it yet :/

  7. @Snooglerat Yes I like it, I just haven't quite figured out how to use it yet lol. I've tried it a few times just as an experiment, but it's tricky figuring out how much to use and how long to let it sit before applying the pigment and stuff. The kind of things that can be perfected with practice, so I just need more practice ;)


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