Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year!

 Hey guys, Happy New Year! Just a little update for y'all, didn't want you to think I'd disappeared. ;3 I really wanted to do a Chinese New Year themed makeup look, since last year's failed...
yeah.... don't ask, lol.
Sadly I've been a little under the weather these last few days, so I wasn't able to do makeup. :(
Instead I thought I'd do a little Chinese New Year themed post with something else that's dear to my heart...
This is my Chinese New Year design I made last year! You start with a template of a naked model, (actually she's wearing underwear ;3), and can draw anything you want, and upload it as a finished picture to your profile! I drew this entire design, from the hair/makeup to the outfit and lantern, and even the items in the background. I was heavily influenced by the beautiful traditional clothing on this website; I literally stared for hours at the gorgeous little dolls! Everything was carefully researched for accuracy, but of course I added a lot of my own creative flair to the outfit. <3
 goSupermodel is a community/game site for young girls, though actually there are girls of all ages there. I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the site safe, and I've also been involved in some projects like this one for Lunar/Chinese New Year 2010! I wrote a special article about the holiday, including family traditions and the Festival of Lanterns. I also drew a lantern, which was then given to each model on the site as a free gift! :D
I made this lantern completely from scratch! This is the original size.
Here's the lantern zoomed in; you can see it's drawn in pixels.
Here's my model Eriya's 2011 Chinese/Lunar New Year outfit I dressed her in today; I didn't draw the outfit, but you can see she's holding my lantern! ^^
I'm not Asian but I really like this holiday. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed seeing my creations, even if they weren't exactly makeup. Happy New Year! ;)


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