Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Frost look using BFTE (lotta pics!)

 Tonight I was playing around with my BFTE shadows and created this frosty Wintery-themed look :)
The shimmer all over is supposed to be there, lol. It's meant to give a very frosted appearance, like I've been out in the snow for so long I've become frozen. ;P

 Products I used:

-mark. Please Hold Eye Primer
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (white base, on lid and eyebrow)
-BFTE Shades:
-Prissy (light pink, on lid)
-Spring Fever (light mauve pink with gold sheen, inner corner)
-Grace (blue/purple, outer corner)
-Cornflower (light blue, lower lashline)
-Whisper (bright shimmery violet, all over/around eye)
-Peacock (shimmery teal, upper lashline over black liner)
-Sephora white eyeliner pencil (waterline, inner/outer corner)
-Almay black liquid liner (upper tightline)
-Loreal Carbon Black liquid liner pen (upper lashline only)
-Maybelline Colossal black washable mascara (upper lashes only)
-Red Cherry lashes #207
-small silver rhinestones from craft store
-Duo lash glue (lashes and stones)
I gave this one a cool cast to look more frozen ;)
I would have loved to do a full look with frosty skin and lips and everything, but I had to cut it short for dinner lol. Anyway, this look was SO MUCH FUN to do! I haven't done such a fun look in a really long time. It was fairly simple, though it did take me a few hours just because I was playing and kept making minor changes. It looked really neat in person, though the camera captured it a little differently. I also feel like the makeup looks slightly different in each pic, go figure. x3

Thanks for reading, ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!! <3


  1. this is just beautiful :) love the look

  2. OMG this look is so beautiful!!

  3. your eotd blow my little mind...they're so damn good!

  4. beautiful, fresh and it.

  5. Thank you so much ladies! I really had a blast making this look ;D

  6. Agreeing with the above. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I love pastels. This looks was supposed to be frost, but the choice of colors reminds me of cotton candy too!

  8. @H0SH1ONE Thank you! :D

    @Onjel: Haha thanks, it kinda does look like cotton candy x3 I'm not sure why I associate pastel pink/purple/blue with Winter/frost/snow.. it kinda works though lol. ;)

  9. you really have a beautiful eyes! i love the combination of the colors ... that compliment you eyes! lovely! new follower here

  10. Gorgeous!!!!

    please check out mine, and if you like it, subscribe!


  11. Hey i tagged you for a blog award :)

  12. @The Beauty-Addict Thank you, and welcome! :)

    @R. Thanks! I'll check it out ;)

    @Madiha Oh wow thank you! <3


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