Wednesday, January 19, 2011

EotD: BFTE and Shiro

A few nights ago while on a weekend trip, my sisters and I played with makeup in our hotel room. :3 I wanted to play with my BFTE and Shiro eyeshadows I'd ordered, so I did one brand on each eye. Scroll down for pics and details!
No flash
This was my BFTE eye. I used BFTE colors in:
-Tickle Me (bright deep low shimmer teal on lid, middle lower lashline)
-Illusion (deep high shimmer teal in crease, outer corner)
-Autumn (bright metallic gold above crease, inner corner, inner third lower lashline)
-Black (matte black in crease, outer corner)
-Way Up High (mostly matte white w/ light gold sheen in inner corner and highlight)

This was my Shiro eye. I was so happy to get my hands on Rattata, this bright gorgeous purple. I love it already, it's the perfect purple; mostly matte with some fun shimmery little sparkles, and a slight blue duotone that you can see coming out under my lower lashline. <3

I used Shiro colors in:
-Rattata (bright purple on lid and lower lashline)
-S.S. Anne (Shimmery golden taupe with multicolored sparkles all over my inner corner, crease, outer corner, and browbone)

On both eyes I used:
-mark. Please Hold eye primer
-NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as base (only on Shiro eye)
-Loreal Carbon Black liquid liner pen (upper lashline)
-Almay black liquid liner (upper tightline)
-Black Radiance kohl pencil liner (lower lashline)
-Shu Uemura lash curler
-Maybelline Colossal mascara in Classic Black (washable formula)
-Wet N Wild kohl eye and brow pencil in Taupe (on brows)

This was just a casual play session lol. I'm still really awkward with loose mineral shadows, but I'm going to try and practice more so I can get the hang of it. ;)
My sisters also did some fun looks, you can see Abby's BFTE look here!

Thanks for reading, hope you're all having a good Wednesday! <3


  1. I love it! Rattata looks gorgeous I need to get that one.

  2. Hey there! Found you on Shiro's facebook page! Love the looks you created :) I'm a follower now also! Hope your having a wonderful day!

  3. These looks are so pretty!!
    I need to play with my mineral eye shadows more!!


  4. @Annamax It is perfect! Rattata was probably the main color that caught my eye and it's exactly what I was hoping for <333

    @Kassandra: You too, thanks so much! :)

    @JordanMayTwigs: Thank you! They're still tricky for me, but so much fun ;D

  5. That purple is gorgeous! I don't usually go for mattes but it looks amazing. Was it easy to blend?

  6. I really like the purple one :)

  7. @Amber Yes I love it! it's not like your typical matte with glitter added to it, I don't usually care for shades like that. It's mostly matte with a little shimmer, hard to describe but so pretty ^^
    I didn't really notice that it was difficult to blend, but I wasn't paying extreme close attention to blending. This was a slap-on-to-see-what-the-color-looks-like kind of a look lol, so I didn't do a whole lot with it. But I'm sure I'll be using it again soon. :)


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