Monday, January 24, 2011

New BFTE sale haul+swatches

 Today my order from the Try BFTE Sale came, yay! Here are a few quick swatch pics, you'll want to click them to view detail ;)

Took this pic after blending out the swatches more with my finger :)

I got a full-size of Blueberry which I've been wanting forever! It was one of the very first colors that caught my eye when I first started looking at BFTE. For some reason I've put off buying it every order because I'd always have a bajillion blues in my cart lol. But it is STUNNING! Anyone who is a fan of blues or bright colors NEEDS this.

For my 4 sample jars I picked Sour, Beautiful, Fawn, and Emerald.
Sour is a gorgeous bright green, a tad more on the cool/blue side, but still very green (not teal). I love it because I'm not a fan of blue-greens, I prefer warmer greens, but this one is so beautiful. It's silky and pearly but not overly sparkly. Can't wait to use it with Blueberry!
Beautiful is a very light pale yellow with pink duochrome. The overall effect of the color after blending is a creamy pale peachy-pink. Very pretty :)
Fawn appears rather orange in the jar, and in some pics it does look orange indeed. It's kind of a medium orangey-brown, warm with some shimmer. The shimmer is lighter than the base, and it's not glittery at all, but very smooth. (To me it almost looked like there was even some green in there?? Or maybe just a greeny-bronze in the shimmer? Not sure..) I was expecting a shade that was a bit more brown, but I'm not disappointed, I actually loved it! <3
Emerald is more complex than I imagined: it seems to be a dark brownish base with dark green pearly shimmer and a little bit of lighter green sparkle? I'm bad at these descriptions lol, but that's what it looked like to me. In some flash pics you can see a little brown in the swatch, but it's not really visible in person. It just looks like a pretty, dark green color. (Reminds me a tad of Shiro's Link, without seeing them together of course.) I really like it!

My free sample baggie was $10 Pineapple and I was so surprised by how much I like it! I'm not a fan of light creamy yellows necessarily, but this one definitely impressed me. It's a matter type of base, fairly bright yellow but not super bright like Lemon. It has some little tiny sparkles, some of which appear to be a light pink color?? It's a brighter, less creamy yellow than Beautiful, and more matte in consistency. I heart them both ^^

I couldn't resist buying a sample jar of Paris, since I've heard a lot about it. The base kind of looks like a pinkish-red, with lots of metallic pink/red sparkles. After rubbing my finger in the swatch, it was totally reflective pink-red! I think the pics show it as a bit more red than it is, though; there's some purple in there too. It's the sparkliest color of the bunch for sure. I'll need to do a bit more testing with this one to figure it out hehe.

My sister Abby got an order too, with some gorgeous colors! You can check out her swatch pics on her blog.
Sorry my pics aren't too great, but I'm definitely planning to document my collection in stages for comparison against each other, so stay tuned for that! ;)
Hope you're all having a good Monday, thanks for reading <33


  1. @Gone2RehabBRB Haha I know, everyone's probably getting sick of it by now! lol but I can't get enough ;)

  2. They all look gorgeous!! *-*
    I'll check if shipping costs so much to Spain. If it's cheap, I'll definetly buy some because colors are so vibrant :)


  3. Great swatches! Paris looks like a beautiful color! I still haven't tried BFTE. However, they have been on my list of companies to try some day!

  4. @Sagavica I think it's just a little more for international, but they are worth it I think! :)

  5. @The Peach It is, they all are haha! I love their Facebook community, there's always something going on and everyone is so friendly. <3

  6. @Cosmetics Aficionado Thanks! The pics look a little washed out for some reason, but I think the colors look very true-to-life. :)


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