Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My first Shiro haul, finally!!

My first Shiro order arrived yesterday, woohoo!
In Caitlin's Etsy shop, I chose the "Buy 15 baggies of your choice" and got 15% off, yay! Shipping was only $1.50, plus she sent me 2 free samples! All together I paid $14.25 for 17 samples, not bad at all. <3
I had a hard time choosing which colors to get, lemme tell you; since I was also ordering from BFTE at the same time, I tried to balance out my colors between the two. But enough of that boring stuff, on to the swatches!
(It was mid-afternoon by the time I got to swatching, and I was multitasking at the time, so the natural light from my window was growing dim. The pics look a little washed out as opposed to how they truly appeared, so I apologize. >.<")

First in natural light, then with flash:
(Click to view in detail!)
I really wanted Dimitri so I was ecstatic to see it in my order for free! It turned out to be my fave of these 5 colors :)
Flash pic to show base shades/highlights/sparkles.
My other free sample was Link, which I also wanted :D
The colors are more complex than they show in pics, especially Kokiri Forest; it has gold and pink or copper sparks which set it apart from other greens I've seen. It's really pretty <3
Forgot to make the watermark transparent in this one..
I'm in love with Rattata, it's the perfect mostly-matte blue-purple I've been looking for!
Pretty shiny flash pic ;)
Flash to show the red in Ganondorf which is too complex to show up properly on camera, of course.
My sister was watching me swatch and as I showed her the colors, she asked how Ratatta was different from BFTE Grape, so of course I had to show her!
Rattata is matter and more blue. Porygon has more purple than Raspberry, which is a totally red-pink. I used a very concentrated amount of Raspberry for the swatch, so it appears way brighter than Porygon. I'm not a very good swatcher lol. :(
This was taken under a lamp; I wanted to see if I had any BFTE colors that were similar to Ganondorf. Nope!
I love comparisons haha. Someday I really want to go through my whole collection and just compare shades/brands. <3
Thanks for reading...
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  1. Excitiiiiing. Hand written note? cute!

    =) All the reds are exactly what i would order.
    Luckily for me, I'm broke.

  2. @Gone2RehabBRB Yes, I love handwritten notes! It's so nice to have a personal touch from the owner herself, it makes me feel like my business is appreciated. :3

    Ohhh my goodness, there were so many nice reds/oranges... I only got half the ones I wanted. There's also a true-red called Hearts which I'm dying for, and a coppery color called Seaking which looks amazing. Next time, hehe! ;)

  3. great haul!! I love porygon its cute! :) and Ganandorf!!

  4. WOW all the colors are SO pretty !!

  5. @liquoredonlacquer I love those colors too! Heck, I love them all... haha xD

    @siwing: Yes, and there are still so many I want lol! Each color has something unique about it, very cool ;)


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