Saturday, January 8, 2011

BFTE pics and swatches!

Yesterday, my latest order from Beauty from the Earth arrived, yay! Since it's after the holidays I had some cash to spend, so of course I went straight for BFTE hehe. ;)
My little package arrived safe and sound, even through the random freak blizzard we had yesterday morning.
I got some gorgeous colors I've been wanting, as well as some more off-beat ones to add to my collection. (Flash pic)
Here are my messy lopsided swatch-blobs :D Swatched on my bare arm with just a bit of Pond's cream rubbed in first. These pic was taken in daylight from my window. (You'll want to click these to view full-size!)
Prissy is a light candy pink with low shimmer. Very Vanilla is a silky peachy-pink neutral. Way Up High (from the Wizard of Oz-some collection) is a mostly matte white which rubs down to the slightest hint of gold shimmer!
Autumn is a bold metallic gold, so gorgeous. My finger was gilded after swatching, I felt like I dipped it in the golden pool from the Voyage of the Dawntreader movie lol. Chocolate is a dark brown with lots of bronzey shimmer (not glitter) so the overall effect is a warm bronzey brown. It does resemble chocolate, actually. I thought I needed more neutrals and I'm glad I got this. :3
Rome... I can't even describe this color. It is what you see here, a red-toned plum-purple with darker cool purple/blue highlights. Stunning. Big Ego is much nicer than I thought it would be; I thought it was more like a black-based purple, but it's not. It's just a gorgeous deep blue-purple with some lighter shimmer. It's a bit multi-dimensional which I love; the colors change a bit with the light, getting lighter/deeper and more blue/purple. It's one of my favorites now! I think this picture most accurately shows 1939; a green/black base with light green shimmer/sparkle. The overall effect is a dark shimmery green-black.
Black is just a matte black, fairly opaque as blacks go, which you can see here. Could be applied wet or over a black base to deepen the color. I've wanted Tickle Me forever, and it's just what I hoped it would be. I'd call it turquoise leaning to teal, very highly pigmented with low shimmer. A bright pearly gorgeous color! And of course Peacock is one of my absolute favorites, it's just a beautiful color. I have the sample but I had to get it since it was the COTW, especially since they used my picture to vote! ;D
This is one of the few flash pics I took, most didn't turn out well. I love this pic though; you can see the colors and textures so well, and I love these particular ones together. <333
A last bonus blurry flash pic for extra sparkle!!!
And that's pretty much it for this order! Sorry the swatches/pics/descriptions are kinda all over the place lol. I feel a little rusty since my time off from blogging so bear with me. ;P

Have a lovely weekend! <3


  1. Ahh yes, that is a little package of awesome right there :)

  2. The shtuff in the sample baggie - whatever it is, it's gorgeous.
    That and Big Ego <3

  3. Yay! gratz on the haul. my birthday is coming up and I hope I get some spending money for BFTE also! :D

  4. @Snooglerat Yes indeed! <3

    @V: It's called 1939, it was the free sample baggie I got with my order. It's the dark glittery greenish swatch on my arm. :) And yes, Big Ego is gorgeous in real life, pics do not do it justice!

    @Mrs.Kitty: Ooo happy birthday, and thanks! I hope you do too :D


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