Thursday, January 13, 2011

My NYX Glamorous Vamps Contest Entry!

Hey guys, check out my photo entry for the Glamorous Vamps contest hosted by NYX on Facebook! I just found out about this last night but right away I sent in my picture and they've just uploaded it! Supposedly the winner will be chosen by the fans of their Facebook page. I'm not sure how exactly it will work, but I'm sure lots of Likes and Comments couldn't hurt. ;D If you'd like to see my entry as well as others, GO HERE!
Photo property of NYX Cosmetics
Maybe you'd like to enter yourself; if so, then I wish you luck! :)


  1. Wow you are stunning i adore your makeup xx

    Goood luck

    A little giveaway going on at my blog at the moment leave a comment for some Lush goodies xx

  2. ahhh i hope you win! you do gorgeous looks...I love the way you blend color :)

  3. Hi Emily,
    you won a blog award

  4. @InsideOut Elle Thanks so much <3

    @Leira: Thank you! I left a comment for you :) I will try to make a post about it soon!

  5. Great look and I "liked" your photo on FB :) Hope you win!

  6. Liked :) good luck with the contest!


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