Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mini Meijer Haul

Top, Left to Right: OPI The Color to Watch and Glitzerland.  Bottom, Left to Right: ELF gloss in Fairy, Maybelline Colossal washable mascara in Classic Black, Wet N Wild eyeliner pencils, Black Radiance kohl eye pencil, Studio M dual-ended brush kit.
I was out in the Midwest between Christmas and New Year's and did some fun shopping at Meijer. It's a chain very similar to the Walmart Supercenters; they have clothes, food, produce, shoes, cosmetics, toys, even pets! Basically anything and everything. :D My sister and I came across some nice deals including cheap/discounted cosmetics, which is always awesome.
Left to Right: Silver Blue, Taupe, Cool Green, Turquoise, and Deep Blue.
They had these 93 cent Wet N Wild eyelinerpencils so I got some nice colors. I really wanted a purple too but it was pretty slim pickins as far as color choices, they were sold out of most shades.
Left to Right: Deep Blue, Turquoise, Cool Green, Taupe, Silver Blue. Bottom: Black Radiance black kohl pencil.
The one that caught my eye was Turquoise, very nice color! They look a little brighter here in the flash than in person.
No flash. Taupe was the softest in texture, not ideal for the brow filler I got it for, but I'll still try it.:)
OPI Swiss collection was on clearance for half off! So I got 2: The Color to Watch(L), and Glitzerland(R).
Milani polishes in Pool Party(L) and Pink Out Loud(R).
My sister and I picked out these Milani polishes because they looked so pretty. She tried the blue yesterday and sadly it is VERY sheer, more like a glaze than a polish. She had to do like 4 coats to get it moderately opaque, but it was so thick it smudged like mad. :(
We haven't tried the pink yet but I love the pink sparkles, very pretty.
More sparkles! (And some gunk left behind by the price sticker. :P)
As soon as I walked in the store I saw this set and had to get it. It was $10 which wasn't too bad for such a roomy case and extra bags. I was wishing I had something like this while packing for the trip, lol. Now I have it for next time. ;)
I've been wanting a pair of warm boots forever, and these were on clearance from $35 to $18! Perfect.
We also bought bucketloads of this Meijer brand soap haha. I tried it at a friend's when I was there a few years ago and loved it. It is foamy so a little goes a long way, and it's not too drying. Plus, it smells AMAZING. I walk around sniffing my hands after I use it, lol.
So that was my makeup haul from Meijer. (I wish we had Meijer around here!)
Hope everyone's week is going well, I'm enjoying catching up on your blogs. There's so much to look at though... you've all been busy while I was slackin haha. I have some more hauls coming soon, and swatches yippee! Hopefully a look or two as well. 

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Take care! <3


  1. oooo I love that pink Milani polish! Swatch it swatch swatch it! :) :D

  2. I'm diggin your blog and saw that you liked the look I posted on the Sugar Pill Fan Page on facebook. This is a link to my blog and I show you how to get the look. Forgive me because the blog is still kinda new! <3

  3. @Snooglerat I'll see what I can do for ya ;) I may get my sister to swatch it for me since my nails are quite stubby lately lol. She'll have to remove the blue polish first though.

    @V: Okay I'll try! I've already used 2 of them and I like them so far :)

    @J Cox: Thanks, I'll check it out!


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