Monday, November 22, 2010

Sugarpill: Monster Burning Heart Palette

I got my first order from Sugarpill a few weeks ago, and I'm finally posting the pics! They were having a special promotion before Halloween; Monster Palettes for 40% discount! Originally $34, I got this baby for only $20.40. Awesome :D

Top left to right: Flamepoint and Buttercupcake. Bottom left to right: Love+ and Poison Plum.

You can see a few tiny nicks in the eyeshadow, but that's really the only defect. Hardly even noticeable for 40% off, and the pans are HUGE!

The colors are all matte. Poison Plum has a very slight shimmer, but appears mostly matte when applied. These are sooo pigmented and smooth, and a little goes a long way. Be careful though, they may stain skin. ;3

Cute kitty sticker on the back! :)
I was so excited to get this as I've wanted to try Sugarpill for months now. I would have bought the Sweetheart palette also, but they were already sold out. :( Someday I'd like to have all the pressed shadows.
Keep watching for my newest eye look using this palette,
coming soon!!!


  1. Aww. I would've like to try that palette at that price.
    How much was shipping?

  2. @Yomi Uba $5 shipping :D I wished they'd had the Monster Sweetheart palette still available, but I was really lucky to get even this one. They sold out really fast :x

  3. wow! the colors are indeed bright!!

  4. that's an awesome deal! I've been wanting to try out sugarpill as well. I'm excited to see the makeup look you came up with!

  5. pretty colors, i need to try out that brand :)

    xoxo Christine

  6. Uh. That looks delicious. I love Sugarpill

  7. @Kattatonic Fierceology It is, hehe ;) I have my sights set on the Sweetheart palette next!


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