Sunday, November 21, 2010

EotD featuring BFTE: Journey and blah

Here's an eye I did a few nights ago. I had a little trouble getting the pigments to stick/blend.. next time I'll use a base. ;P I only did one eye, as you can see...
I used BFTE pigments (dry)  in Sunset (on lid), Grape (crease), Livid (crease/outer v), Whisper (highlight dusted on and around eye), and Moonlight (inner corner). It looked prettier in person, I liked the way Whisper twinkled and added dimension. :3
This is from the other day right after I got my BFTE order! :D I ordered a few things including Journey, the CotW. I'm wearing it in these pics. (That's my little sis holding the card; I PROMISE I did NOT tell her to do that, haha! I don't even know why she had that thing...
I threw on some Journey before running out to lunch for my other sister's birthday. I love Journey; I thought it would be too glittery for my liking, but it's perfect. Shimmery, but the consistency is like Suede, aka like butter or velvet or something else that's really soft and silky lol. It has just enough green in it to bring out my brown eyes.
We ate at our favorite sushi restaurant, and then went shopping at the Korean market. We found this nail machine; it takes your picture and puts it on your nail! How crazy is that? xD I didn't try it because I have no nails. :p (We enjoyed watching the K-Pop videos on the TV sets in the background, though.) Happy birthday Becky, saranghae! <3


  1. Very pretty!


  2. Nice eyeshadow.
    and WOW.
    a Nail Machine?!?!?
    I wanna try it!

  3. Thank you both :)

    @Yomi: I know, I had never seen one of these before but it looks fun! :3

  4. Machines sticking randon pics on your nails? How futuristically awesome :D

  5. Love the purple look you did! The highlight color is awesome! The other look with Journey is very simple and pretty! The nail machine is awesome! You should have tried it!

  6. @Sara: Thank you! :)

    @V: I know, sometime I want to try it. It even had a little area that blows warm air on your nails to dry them. ^^

    @Peach: Thanks! I love Whisper, it's definitely my most-used BFTE color. I really like Journey, too. <3

  7. It was a great day and you looked to pretty :3

    And I really don't know why I had that card either, lol

    Nail machine was so random. Who knows what's IN that nailpolish though...

  8. new follower ♥

    Wow very pretty look ♥


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