Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mini Wet N Wild Haul

Hey hey, my computer is properly "networking" again so I can finally post these pics I took a few nights ago! It's not much, just 2 lil WnW tidbits I picked up. :3
Harmon had all the holiday palettes in a display right inside the door! I wanted them all, but I mimited myself to just one. :P My sister said I should get Night Elf because it's the most "holidayish".
Top, left to right: Lipstick in Stoplight Red, silver and red shades from palette. Middle: Black glitter liner and black glitter shade from palette. Bottom: Shimmery cream, shimmery gold, shimmery brown/green duotone shades from palette.
I'll admit I was less curious about the red shade than this curious color; it's a reddish brown color with teal iridescence! I don't have anything like it and I'm looking forward to playing with it. ;3
The sparkly black shade is nicer than I thought; the black is matte and a tad chalky, but a base might fix that. The glitter is very fine and catches the light nicely! :) The glitter liner seems nice too; it went on fairly smooth and the glitter is not large at all, just slightly sparkly.
The pearly white is quite pretty, I think I'll be using it often as a highlighter. It's not extremely pigmented, however. I was expecting the lipstick to be more red, but it's actually pretty pink. Sheered out it's more like a bright fuchsia. The gold shade is really nice too, kind of a neutral taupey gold.
I know we've all seen these things a hundred times by now, but I couldn't resist posting my pics. xD Coming up: a few BFTE swatches and an eye look that kinda failed. ;p


  1. Yay for finding the WnW holiday palettes! And we never get tired of swatches! Great haul!

  2. This is the one quad I am ambivalent about. Would I use it? Is it versatile enough? Who knows lol.

  3. @Cosmetics Aficionado Wow somehow I deleted my own comment lol..

    I'm not sure whether I'll use it a lot, but I'm sure I will at some point. I know I'll use the 3 neutral shades and probably the silver as well. I'd like to experiment with the black, and the red is actually not scary at all. It's a nice shimmery pinkish red that's quite pretty. If I don't use it, I think my more adventurous sister will. I think she could pull it off really well! :)

  4. Oooh wow! These are so pigmented :) Love the texture!

  5. Yay I'm glad you managed to find one!

  6. The red is the best out of them all :)
    But, yes, do show us moar make-up porn <3

  7. @Sara: Yes they're quite nice! WnW makes some non-holiday palettes I'm interested in as well. ;)

    @Mai: Me too! :D

    @V: The red is pretty, it reminds me a lot of BFTE Addicted, but a little cooler in tone. I did comparison swatches last night, I'll post them soon. ^^

  8. they look like such good colours. I dont think we get wet n wild over here in the uk, so count yourself lucky! lol. xx

  9. The Colours look great.
    Too bad I can't seem to find WnW where I'm at.

  10. @Steph: They are, I wore the highlight on my inner corners today and it really stayed on, I'm impressed. And I definitely do! ;3

    @Yomi: I'm sorry to hear that :( Have you checked out Mai's giveaway? She's giving away all 4 palettes!

  11. wow that red eyeshadow looks amazing <3

    xoxo Christine


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