Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Look: U-Kiss Bingeul Bingeul

I wanted to post a few haul pics from my visit to Harmon last night, but the pics are on my other computer which doesn't want to connect to the internet right now. So you get this instead! ;)
This is a little look I did for my youngest sister several weeks back; she is a dancer specializing in K-Pop dance covers, and this look was for her cover of the song Bingeul Bingeul (Round and Round) by U-Kiss.
This is Eli from the Bingeul Bingeul video. (It's actually a GIF so if you open it in another window it moves and you can see the makeup better!) He has like blue sequins above his eye, but we wanted something simpler because I don't have any sequins lol.
This is what we actually ended up basing the final look off of: the freakishly adorable Minzy from 2NE1. She's sort of Abby's idol because she's an awesome dancer, not to mention cute as heck. ^^ This is her look from the Try To Follow Me video.
It's kind of a mix between the 2 looks: Minzy's simple shape and Eli's deep blue color. It was really simple to do: I think all I used was some mark. Please Hold eye primer, mark. Shimmer Cream shadow in Cabana (bold blue shade), and then patted on a bright sparkley blue shade from my CS 88 Matte Palette. I used my finger for the cream to create the winged shape and make a good base for the powder shadow, then used a brush to pack on the color. Abby added her own eyeliner and mascara, and I added some mark. Shimmer Cream shadow in Mod (shimmery white) to her cheekbones as a highlight.
Simple, but cute!
Thanks for reading, you can check out Abby's Bingeul Bingeul cover here! :)


  1. What an awesome look you did for your sister! She is a cutie! And thats awesome she is a dancer!

  2. @The Peach Thanks! She already loves fashion, and I'm trying to get her more into makeup hehe. ;)
    Bingeul Bingeul is probably my favorite of her covers so far, i think she did a great job. <3

  3. Oh hi gorgeous lady. Looks great :D

  4. i love it! so edgy! you look so cute :)


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