Sunday, November 21, 2010

BFTE: Haul+Swatches+Comparisons+Limited Color!!

I ordered again from BFTE because of this limited color which was suddenly announced on their Facebook; Crystal said there were only around 30 in stock! It's called Walking on Water, you can see it in this pic with no flash. It's an accurate pic color-wise. :)
Flash pic so you can see the undertones of the colors. They look a bit different when actually applied though.
Journey was the CotW so I got a full-size. Walking on Water only came in full-size since it was limited, but I only paid 4.99. I got sample sizes of Illusion and Laura, two colors I've been needing! Nectar was a free sample baggie.
I have more swatch pics but the uploader is being lame again. :(
-Journey is a greenish grey silvery shade which is really nice. I'll have a pic of me wearing it in my next post. :)
-Walking on Water is a very pretty, shimmery greenish-blue shade. It reminded me of Seafoam so I did some comparison pics below.
-Illusion is a deep teal shade with hints of dark blue, green, and gold. It shimmers and glistens with a lot of depth, really pretty.
-Nectar is a peachy light orange shade. It looks white when you're applying it, but blended out the color shows through.
-Laura is a similar shade to Grape, but warmer with more pink.
ome comparisons: Seafoam is less sparkly than Walking on Water, and a little brighter/truer in color. I'm not a huge fan of tons of sparkles/glitter, so I still love Seafoam a little more. But Walking on Water is such a gorgeous color, I need to use it and fall in love. x3
Sorry this post was a tad on the lame side, I just wanted to get it done so I can post the other things I need to post. I did a makeup look last night that I'm excited to share! ;D


  1. I love the swatches. Very pretty shades :) Illusion is like magic. love it! :D

  2. Great swatches! I have never ordered from BFTE, but it looks like they have some great colors! Illusion looks beautiful!

  3. Illusion is really gorgeous, very multi-dimensional. You need to see it in person to catch the blue, green and gold shimmers! :)

  4. while playing with your make up yesterday I came to LOVE Walking on Water. it has a bit of iridescence and I love me some iridescence xD I think it goes well with Illusion ^^

  5. @애비 aka Abby Yes! It wasn't doing a whole lot for me until I saw it on you.. now I LOVE it ;3


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