Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Haul: Coastal Scents and AC Moore

Heyyyy :) I just thought I'd update with a few little items I got last week; some from Coastal Scents and a few brushes and things from AC Moore. :D
I got this Professional Camouflage Concealer Palette from CS because I've been eyeing it for like a year lol. CS was having a discount sale so I thought "what the hay". I've sort of tested it once, but haven't really formulated an opinion of it yet.
I finally got the 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette because I've had my matte palette for a long time and I love it so much! (I know everyone and their grandma has this palette already, but I just wanna say a few words about it because I'm excited! lol) This shimmer palette is a little nicer than I thought it'd be, no chunky glitter here! Some shades are more shimmery than others, and a few I tried didn't come off too easily on my finger, so I'll have to try them out for eal with brushes and stuff to tell how pigmented they actually are.
What really surprised me was the duochrome/iridescence of some shades; the second white all the way in the upper left corner, and the teal color second row, fourth column. The white has a pinky pearly iridescence, and the teal has gold sheen to it, soooo pretty! (Sadly the teal is one of the not-so-pigmented shades; it seems harder than others.) I've been using the very top left corner white as a highlight, gorgeous!
From left: Black and Hot Pink Angled Kabuki from CS, Destiny Duo Fiber Stippling Brush from CS (sheds like a mother!), Synthetic Shadow Brush from CS, some assorted synthetic paintbrushes from AC Moore. (I used these to create my BFTE Blues look.) I've used each brush at least once except the tiny black one second from the right. This will either be an eyeliner brush or I'll use it to apply concealer to pimples. ;P
My sister actually picked out the paintbrushes for me and so far I love them; I'll probably do a more intense review on the individual brushes soon. :) She also got me some little rhinestones for makeup looks, and the little white plastic mixing pan in the first picture, to use for mixing when I foil pigments.

Do you guys have any of these items? What do you think of them? :3


  1. I think I'm the only person left who doesnt have the palette!!!

  2. @Jasmine Aww haha! Well I'd definitely recommend it, it's really pretty ;3

  3. Nice haul!! I have been wanting the concealer palette too, but I worry I won't use most of the colors.

  4. @Cosmetics Aficionado I probably won't use the darkest colors either, lol. I talked myself into it by saying I'd use the middle shades for contouring or something; maybe as an eyeshadow base for darker shades? I dunno, but I probably spend the equivalent on different pale shades for face, undereyes, blemishes, etc. So if I can get this baby to multipurpose for me, it'll be worth it. ;)

  5. Looks like a great haul! I haven't ordered from Coastal Scents in so long! I have the 88 Shimmer Palette and I have only used it a few times :( Got to distracted with loose mineral pigments. Maybe I should pull it out this month and use it!

  6. @The Peach I know what you mean! I haven't used my poor matte palette in so long because I've been playing with my pigments, lol.


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