Friday, November 5, 2010

EotD: BFTE Blues

It's been a while since I've done a look post, so here's a quick look I did late last night for fun. :) Click the pic to see the full-size with more true-to-life colors!
Products I used:
-mark. Please Hold eye primer
BFTE pigments in:
-Blue Bird (applied wet on lid)
-Seafoam (applied wet above crease)
-Peacock (applied damp/dry to crease to blend the other 2 colors)
-Moonlight (applied damp/dry to browbone, inner corner, lower lashline)
-Loreal Carbon Black liquid liner pen
-mark. Make It Big mascara in Raven (I love this stuff for volume, but not for flaking.)

I got some new synthetic brushes for foiling so this was my first real and semi-successful attempt at using pigments wet. It turned out super-bright! I'm not wearing any other makeup and I only did one eye, so that's all you get to see. ;P

Hope you like it! Have a great weekend everyone! :D


  1. This is very pretty! Love these colors together! You did a great job foiling and blending!

  2. Flawless blending. Are you sure this is your first time foiling? :)

  3. Great job for a first time! Looks like you've done it before. I have yet to try foiling but now i'm inspired..

    Love the color choice as well.

  4. @The Peach
    Thank you! I thought they all went perfectly together. :)

  5. @Gone2RehabBRB Thanks V <3 Haha, well my first time doing it somewhat correctly. I've tried it maybe about twice before and this is the best it's turned out. :)

  6. @Onjel Thank you very much! It worked great with the synthetic crushes I got. (They're actually paintbrushes from an art store.) It really made the colors much bolder.

    So do I, different shades of blue is probably my favorite combo of all time. :3

  7. I love This look. Bright and clean. :)

  8. I just saw that BFTE featured this on their fb page :)

  9. @Gone2RehabBRB Yeah, Crystal the owner loves to post looks by customers! :)

  10. I absolutely LOVE this look! Great way to combine the blues and greens :D
    New follower and I luv ur blog already!
    Hope you come check out mine!


  11. i love the colors!! so vibrant. reminds me of the ocean :)

  12. @Donna ♥ Baby Ya know, I couldn't formulate the actual word, but that's actually what it reminds me of too! Now that you said it, I agree. ;3 Thanks :)

    @Blanca: Thanks! I'll check it out :)

  13. IT'S SO PRETTY! :D

    Emilyyyy what's foilingggg?

  14. @애비 Thanks Abby x3

    lol, it's when you apply the shadow wet using either water or a solution of some kind. I usually just use water. ;3

  15. @Heather / Eyeconic Thanks! They got really bold when applied wet, it was awesome. :3

  16. I commented on fb too but just had to comment here again.... SO BEAUTIFUL! Great, flawless blending... :) Just awesome!

  17. ooooh, no offense to most people, but most people don't do these colors right. you did!


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