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Earlier this week I ordered from for the first time after drooling over the makeup on their website, lol. I decided to treat myself for my birthday, so I ordered 25 pigment samples, the $2 Color of the Week, and 2 pairs of false eyelashes.

Red Cherry lashes, $2.00 each!!

Cute little sample pigments, $2.00 each!!!! (And a free sample baggie of Hype! :D)
Here are the shades I got and their names. *Edit: The shade labeled "Moonwalk" is actually called "Moonlight". MoonWALK is a different shade. Whoops!*
And here are my swatches, for which my lovely sister kindly allowed me to borrow her arm. xD **Swatched dry with q-tips on a bit of mark. Please Hold eye primer.**

EDIT: Over a year later, I've now had the opportunity to use most of these colors and can give better description, so I've re-written my original descriptions and included ones for the colors I missed. Some of my initial favorites have been replaced by some of my initial disappointments which goes to show ya.. ya can't judge a pigment by it's cover. ;P

-Peacock is a bright teal/turquoise, leaning slightly more towards blue than green, with plenty of blue and green sparkles and a light green sheen which really comes out when foiled. It's a little on the sheer side but buildable.

-Red River and Sunset: At first these two colors looked disappointingly similar to me, but after I've gotten a chance to use them, I can see the differences plainly. (I blame my poor swatching skills back then!) Red River is EXACTLY as the site says "like ground up bricks"; used dry it has a slightly "dusty", chalky cast to it, but built up over a base or used wet it can be a very bold brick red. Sunset is similar, but a bit lighter and more of a rosey mauvey shade. It's quite nice, I especially like to use it with purples. Also needs a base and don't be afraid to pile it on! Both shades are completely matte.

-Whisper is a smooth frosty pearly shimmery shade which looks like a creamy apricot upon first glance, but turns to a pale iridescent violet with the slightest shift of light. It's one of my very favorite colors and no picture you will ever see can do it justice, so just buy it! You won't be sorry! Fabulous for every eye color, especially brown and green eyes, to make your eyes pop! Nice as a highlight or used over a base or foiling agent to make the violet really stand out. I absolutely love it.<3

-MoonLIGHT is a very shimmery silver-white, aptly named if you think about it. Dry it's mostly shimmer; wet or over a base gives it a strong silvery white color. Nice highlight for cool colors.

-Harvest is gorgeous, it's exactly like a brand new copper penny. It's metallic and shimmery and amazing.

-Tangerine and Beam look slightly similar in shade, but Tangerine is obviously more orange, and Beam is more golden-yellow. Both have a highly pigmented, slightly metallic finish with low shimmer. Very bright, pretty colors!

-Hype and Soleil look almost identical in person, but Hype is more peachy while Soleil is more yellow. Hype changes color a little upon application, turning more peachy than it looks in the container. Both are low shimmer with a frosty finish. I like both shades.

-Grace looks lighter than the pic on the site; it's a medium periwinkle blue, matte except for maybe a slight blue shimmer. Very pretty color, goes nicely with purples or light pink.

-Blue Bird is BRIGHT! I was expecting bright and I wasn't disappointed, it's too gorgeous for words so I won't even try lol. It's a lightly shimmery bold true blue, a bit sheer but can be built up over a base and looks AMAZING when used wet!

-Glitz is an icy blue with sparkles. Applied dry it looks almost silvery on, really pretty and eyecatching. When used over a base or foiled, it takes on an aqua sheen that is truly beautiful!

-Beach House I got because I had a hankering for a matte bluish-gray smokey eye. It's a matte blue-gray, that's it. Nice color though, I like it.

-Seafoam is a very bright and vibrant seafoam green. (I've always thought of this color when I think of "turquoise".) It has a little bit of shimmer and is just a very pretty color. Goes beautifully with blues or other bright colors like pink or purple.

-Grassy is a completely matte grass green shadow. It's a little on the yellow side, especially when blended out. The color can be made very bright when used over a base or wet :)

-Menace is kind of a drab olivey green color, completely matte. it's lighter and earthier than Grassy. When I look at it, I think of the Crayola crayon called "Asparagus", lol. (Same story as with Beach House, I just had a hankering for an olivey green matte smokey eye for Fall.)

-Lavish is a very bright, light lime green shade with a good bit of yellow tint, low shimmer, and plenty of sheen. Over a year later, Lavish has been one of my most-used shadows and one of my all-time faves! I love using it as a highlight with other greens to brighten up the look, especially under my lower lashline. (It goes perfectly over NYX Lime Jumbo Eye pencil!) Be warned, it is BRIGHT.

-Lemon is a bright shimmery yellow, just what I was expecting. I sort of thought of Beam as a yellow, but compared to Lemon, Beam is definitely more orange. The site describes Lemon as the perfect yellow, and I have to say it's a great color to get if you only want to try one yellow. It's got an almost green tint to it which makes it very versatile; use it with other greens and it becomes a very bright yellow-green :D

-Starstruck: A darling purple shade, almost pastel; leans warm because of the slight baby pink shimmer to it, so pretty!

-Raspberry: A bright reddish-pink shade with low shimmer and plenty of sheen.

-Grape: A bright bold purple with low shimmer and plenty of sheen. This is also one of my favorite and often-used colors; it's perfect to add brightness to other purple shadows or as a pop of color under my lower lashline. I adore using it over black liner, it really makes my brown eyes stand out!

-Livid: I'm still deciphering this color, I plan to use it in a look soon. It's a beautiful bruised purple with reddish undertones and some shimmer. Color will look redder when blended out, or can be built up to a deep bruised purple.

-Isis: I'm just getting around to truly appreciating this color, but I wish I had done it sooner! A gorgeous deep metallic rusty red with bronze sheen; build it up for the sexiest deep red ever, or blend it out for a blackened orange-bronze sheen. Very versatile and breathtakingly beautiful!

So there you have it! If you've seen my previous post, you've seen a few of these shadows in action! Each shade has it's own nuances which are impossible to capture on camera. Shimmer, sparkle, sheen, depth, and especially the duo-tone colors... so gorgeous. I would definitely recommend these to anyone. I want to collect all the colors, which should keep me busy for a while since there are like 250 of them haha. I had such a hard time picking these particular shades, and there were several I had to take out of my cart which almost made me cry... I'll definitely be going back for more VERY soon! ;3


  1. I love that you are doing this. Can't wait till my samples get here!! I plan on saving your reviews so I can pick out colors with a true description.. Thanks again,


  2. Absolutely, save away! I read reviews and looked at swatch pictures for days when I was picking which shades to buy, and it helped me a lot. I hope my info will be helpful, too. Thanks for commenting! :D

  3. Thank you so much for doing this... I love BFTE products... and they do sometimes look different than what they look like in the jar!!! This helps me w/my decision!! Keep it coming!

  4. You have to try the reds! i am so addicted to these colors, addicted and vamp are amazing, and its so hard to find red eyeshadow! and 1939 is so beautiful, its this blackish green... god i love these. and they have a free shipping code up on the facebook right now!

  5. Everything, everything, all very beautiful! Perfect! Your blog is fascinating, really! Its makes are perfect too!
    I would love to partner with you, but I wanted your E-Mail to explain better! Pass me your E-Mail for my blog, or by E-Mail:

    XOXO and you hope!

  6. You just inspired me to order Seafoam. THANK YOU for posting the swatch! I hope it is as beautiful as I am thinking it will be.

  7. Seafoam is GORGEOUS, I don't think you will be disappointed! ;)


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