Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beauty from the Earth

Finally! Yesterday I got my first order from and I'm so excited about it!
Right away my sister and I started playing with the pigments, and we each created a look:
Becky used Beam and Raspberry shades for her eyes:
I used the shades Harvest, Peacock, Red River, Moonlight, and Seafoam for my eyes:
Products I used:

-mark. Please Hold eye primer
-BFTE Peacock (blue green) on lid (wet)
-BFTE Harvest (copper) and Red River (matte brick red) in crease
-BFTE Seafoam (seafoam green) along lower lashline
-BFTE Moonlight (white shimmer) inner corner highlight
- CS 88 matte palette white on browbone and around eye
-mark. Keep It Going in Entourage (black) as liner
-Maybelline The Colossal mascara (waterproof) in Glam Black

-mark. eyemarker in Java
-CS 88 matte palette, warm brown

-mark. face primer
-Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation/concealer in lightest shade
-mark. Powder Buff foundation in Nude
-mark. setting powder
-mark. Bronze Pro
-mark. blush in Cameo Glo and Urban Glo

-mark. Lipclick in Sweetie Pie
-mark. GBG in "m.powerment Peach"

Can I just say I really liked the Lipclick sample I tried for this look? It's called Sweetie Pie and I think it's going on my list of things to buy. x3 It was a little pink for this look, but it's a really nice color on me. :)

Since this post is long enough already, I'll make a new one for BFTE pigment pics and swatches with color descriptions and my impressions. Stay tuned! ;)


  1. So many pretty colours!!!!

    I love both of the looks and how they look on your eyes.

    I don't work with loose pigments much, but the BFTE colours look so pretty, espically those golds and greens I see there o3o
    And the colour on your eyes is just so pretty.

    On your sister, with the liner, did you sort of follow the black with a purple?

  2. Thanks! <3

    I was never a fan either, I prefer pressed because it's easier to work with and not as messy, etc. But when I saw the colors on the site and how inexpensive they were, I had to try them. I'm learning to appreciate minerals, haha. They do sell a pressing kit, which I'll probably buy someday if I end up collecting enough full-sized jars of shadow.

    I asked her that too, she said it was just the Raspberry (pink) color. She went over the black liner with the pigment, and I guess it mixed and made it look purple or something. x3


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