Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mini Birthday Haul ;3

As part of my belated birthday present to myself (lol) I went to Harmon tonight and finally got some more NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils I've been wanting! I also got a mascara I've been needing, a cheap glitter liner, and a jar of glitter that's AWESOME!

It was a new store so they still had all the colors in stock, yay! (Unlike my Harmon which is usually out of everything.. v.v) It was hard choosing which 10 to get, but I figure I'll go back next week and see if they still have the other shades. ;)

As soon as I got home I started swatching, haha. No base, just skin:
I got Black Bean, Cherry, Hot Pink, Yellow, Orange, Lime, Pure Gold, Oyster, Electric Blue, and Purple Velvet. I already have Milk, but it's too dull to use, so I'm planning on trying to melt it into a pot, (hence the little jars in the first pic). I've seen it done on youtube, so I'll post here how it goes when I do. ;)
Then I broke out my BFTE mineral pigments to test out on top of the swatches:
Pencil and pigment from top left: Lime w/ Lavish, Yellow w/ Lemon, Orange w/ Tangerine, Black Bean w/ W&W glitter, Electric Blue w/ Peacock, Oyster w/ Starstruck, Pure Gold w/ Isis, Purple Velvet w/ Grape, Cherry w/ Isis, Hot Pink w/ Raspberry. **NOTE: I'm writing this almost 24 hours later, and I still have a faint pink stain where the Hot Pink pencil stained my hand! Beware of using this on your eyes, it WILL stain.. )**

Isis is a bronzey red, so I wanted to see what it looked like with a different base. The Cherry pencil brought out the red, and the Pure Gold pencil brought out the bronze. It's hard to see in the pic, but it looked really cool on both. :)
I also got this because it was sitting there as soon as I walked in the door, lol. It was with a display of Wet n Wild cosmetics out for the Halloween season. It really caught my eye; I'd been wanting a glitter exactly like this for a while now, so I was excited to see it! It's silver glitter, but it sparkles RAINBOW, it's awesome! You can see the rainbow effect in this pic:
Really pretty. I just need something to keep it on my lid and not all over everything else, lol. Next stop- glitter adhesive. x3

The mascara I bought is the new Falsies by Maybelline. I needed a non-waterproof black mascara, and I've been liking their Colossal formula so I figured I'd give this a try. (Plus, it was on sale! ;D) The glitter liner was also Wet n Wild, and not really worth swatching. I wasn't expecting much; it looked so pretty in the tube, but hardly any glitter comes out on application. :(
All in all, I'm happy and excited to use my new stuff! The new Harmon was sweet; they have a nice big NYX display and tons of other brands I want to try. I can't wait to go back! xD


  1. Pretty glitter! Looks like a great birthday haul!

  2. those pigments look great over the pencils! I have a hard time limiting myself too whenever I stop by Ulta and see the NYX pencils :P


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